Class Contents and Materials

Advanced Body Mechanics and Techniques for Massage Therapists is a comprehensive course which is presented in a friendly, easy to follow manner with the student gaining hands-on experience before the conclusion. Part of the class is lecture with basic exercises that the class will participate in. Part of the class is hands-on practice where movements are shown that the student will perform. Some of the movements will be basic (Effleurage, Petrissage, etc) with the focus being on better mechanics and deeper pressure. Other movements will be more advanced showing new ways to get deeply into certain areas.

During class sessions the students are encouraged to ask questions, and to be satisfied that they understand the information before moving to following topics. There are no dumb questions.

We have all been to classes where we get home and try to remember what was taught. Because of this, a handbook is provided to help the therapist remember the basics of what was discussed and practiced. This is included in the class fee. If students prefer to take notes, they are welcome, but I feel that this is not necessary in most cases.

Additionally, if the student has questions about the class, techniques presented, or experiences they have while practicing what they have been taught, the instructor is always available by e-mail, telephone, or visitation.

The idea of the class is not to dictate how to practice, but to show better body mechanics which the therapist can adapt to what they do. This is true whether they adapt all of it or just part of it. Class Outline