Instructor Rating Based on Student Feedback

In October 2004, we started handing out forms that would allow the students to give feedback on how they thought the workshops went. Each is asked to answer six questions rating it with a number between one (low) and ten (high). The scores have been added and averaged to give an overall rating in each category. To be fair, the numbers have been rounded to one decimal point. The scores are broken down by class type, and shows the number of students responding. (Note: Listed are all the workshops being taught at Caring Palms wheher they are taught by Brian or by outside instructors.)

(This section is here to help prospective students that are looking for an instructor.  If the scores were low, I would not be teaching. - Brian)

Class Students How valuable were the ideas and concepts? How effective was the presentation and materials? How well did the instructor know the subject? How well did the instructor respond to questions? Would you recommend the class to others? How would you rate the program overall?

Reiki 1


716 10 10 10 10 10 10

Reiki 2


330 9.8 9.8 9.9 9.9 9.9 9.9

Reiki 3


163 9.9 9.9 10 9.9 9.9 10

Reiki 4

2 9.5 9.5 9.5 9.5 9.5 9.5
Advanced Body Mechanics and Techniques 35 9.6 9.7 9.9 9.9 9.7 9.7
Massage for Couples 40 9.9 10 10 10 10 10
Ascension Theory Workshop 72 9.7 9.8 9.8 9.8 9.9 9.8


Student Comments

These comments come from both Reiki and Massage students

Enjoyed the instructor's common sense approach! Also like the small group and individual / personal attention! Loved the course - I'm really excited about using the information presented! Thank you so much. - Lori
  Thank you! This was a wonderful introduction to Reiki. Your teaching style is natural, fun, and very organized. - Aurora  
Enjoyed the atmosphere, the knowledge, the teacher, the fun nature of the class, the information. - Candi
I enjoyed the hands-on and your openness. - Elena
  Very special class all the way around. I am grateful for our Reiki master, Brian, and the gift or Reiki he passed on to me. - Amy  
Learning the techniques, spending time with my wife, hands on demonstration. Would recommend this to any couple wanting to spend time together. - Tony
Materials and presentation are amazing! This class is phenomenal. I don't think the experience would be the same if it changed. I wouldn't add or change anything. It's perfect.  Brian, I think this was an absolutely amazing experience. Thank you! - Heather
Laid back atmosphere. - Nick
Great body of knowledge about Reiki, with a sensible good-humored approach. Very accessible and at our level. - Karen
Good balance of lecture and hands-on training. Great instructional handout on training!  Enjoyed Brian's unique teaching style and presentation of course material. Looking forward to pursuing further Reiki training. Great Job! Thanks Brian. - Valerie
Personal interaction between me and instructor. Informal class with structured syllabus. - Rodney
I wouldn't change a anything. I Believe the sense of personal giving and sharing is the only thing that is important in the presentation. - Keith
The instruction was clear and presented in an easy to understand way. - Lisa
Experience as well as the environment.  Continue to hold classes. - Tony
What I learned can be really effective in my sessions. - Alicia
Enjoyed hands on and Grounding (Basic energy work helped a lot). Everything was great. I enjoyed myself and learning the techniques. - Donna
Informality, getting to practice while in class. (Yea, you rock.) - Jen
The entire curriculum is awesome (Reiki 1 - 3). The presentation of the material is very effective and I would highly recommend it to anybody interested. - Bill
To be able to take this instruction and apply it at home. This was fun and enjoyable. I can foresee my husband begging me for a massage after a hard day of fishing. - Teresa
Thanks for the great hands-on work. I like how you teach things beyond just the traditional Reiki. - Maria
Anyone could take that class and learn. Loved the class! - Debra
Learning the Various Massage Strokes. - Mike
Enjoyed the intimate class. I don't think it could get much better. Just need more practice. - Tonsenia
Very well taught. Allows for a little off subject which feels right. Not totally on subject matter at all times. I like the human side to that. - Jillette
Balance between education / training and freedom to intuit as a practitioner. Attunement felt highly familiar to my soul. It was spiritually uplifting. - Gabie
I felt very comfortable, very professional. - Kathy
I appreciate the way you blend common sense with the spiritual. Excellent teacher! - Elizabeth
I enjoyed everything, but the examples made me understand the concepts, they made it easier that is. - Gloryian
Giving / Learning and receiving.  I would recommend this class to others. - Dan
Everything was great. I can't believe 6 hours flew by like it was an hour. - Sarah
Enjoyed the class and would love to take a refresher and maybe a Reiki class. - Susan
Great teaching. Very patient, very organized materials. Relaxed atmosphere. - Judith
Brian has excellent communication skills and therefore makes the information very understandable. - Yvonne
I enjoyed Brian's ability to answer questions, and mostly the welcoming, relaxing environment. - Karen
I enjoyed the entire class. The material was presented in an easy to follow format. And I definitely took away a lot of information. Thank you! - Elizabeth
I had fun and felt that I learned something valuable. Thank you. - Lisa
Great class! Thank you! No more pain after massage. - Samantha
Enjoyed watching the temperature rise in the room with all the amazing energy. - Susie
Thank you very much for providing me with this class and knowledge. Very energetic! - Elnora
Liked the amount of bodywork - Kimberly
You are marvelous!! - Je'Anna
I appreciate the organization of the class material. The information was presented in a very efficient, organized, orderly manner. Plus we have a manual to refer to. This is actually my 3rd Reiki level 1 class. I feel this is the most comprehensive course I've taken, and that with this knowledge I can advance to the Level 2, and on to level 3. - Sunny
Thank you for this gift. - Catie
Well done. Thank you. Appreciate your knowledge and personal investment. - Priscilla
The class was very enjoyable. The flow of information and practice was very balanced. - Anne
Enjoyed feeling connected to my higher power. - Wendy
I liked the honesty of the instructor, the use of real life experiences. - Susan
The explanations and the actual exercise, pleasant room, beautiful music. Brian, you have a beautiful energy. - Florica
Thank you for inviting me to take Reiki 1 again, rather than starting with Reiki 2 because I did not have the class from you. Well worth it! - Julie
Brian Dean is very knowledgeable and attuned to his practice of Reiki. - Nancy
The small, intimate, comfortable atmosphere along with the knowledgeable instructor makes for a wonderful learning experience. - Laura
It was a great class - I'm glad I had to do CEUs and came to your class. - Lorraine
Liked hands on work and diversity in knowledge.  You're very knowledgeable and well rounded. Thank you! - Jane
I really enjoyed the passion in the practice shown to us by the instructor.  Handouts were great, class setting was warm and welcoming. Thank you for the experience. - Kaitlan
Thanks for a great class with excellent take home book. - Elizabeth
So wonderful to meet you and enjoy your sense of humor and teaching. Thank you so much for the knowledge of Reiki. I am anxious to learn more. - Cynthia
I enjoyed Brian's use of humor to make the class ore personal. - Samantha
I enjoyed the time the instructor spent going over and explaining the material. - Ryan
Like the hands-on practice on one another, the comfortable energy of the group. I can't say how (this class could) be better until I know the subject as well as the instructor. - Rachel
During my first Reiki 1 class, I had an inability to focus due to extraordinary high pain levels. I asked Brian to help me focus. Within very little time, without touching me,My back pain levels went from a 9 to a 2. This I want to learn to help others. - Star
I enjoyed Brian's quotes and spiritual knowledge. - Tamera
The humor. The chance to learn more ways in how to help people. - Matt
Meeting people of like minds, learning about and sharing in the giving and receiving of Reiki. - Lorrie