Sensing Problems in Others Class

This class teaches the student how to find physical problems in another person. Every problem has negative energy associated with it which can be detected by the three methods taught in this class.

Low Level Hand Scan: This is where the student places their hands on another person, and then senses negative energy under their hands. This method is good for locating problems that cover areas.

Medium Level Hand Scan: This is where the student runs their hands above another person seeking problems. This is good at locating problems that cover medium to large areas. It is also known as Byosen scanning. (This method is taught as part of the Reiki 1 class.)

Sight Scanning: In this method, the student will learn how to find problems in another just by looking at them. This method locates larger problems. (This method is taught as part of the Reiki 3 class.)

(It would be helpful to bring someone to be the subject.)

This class is scheduled on an as needed basis. If you are interested in taking it, please contact us and we will schedule it at a time convenient for both student and teacher.

Note: In all classes, time is listed as approximate and is based on how quickly the student picks up the information. For very short, or very long classes, the fee will be adjusted.

If scheduling this online, choose "Caring Palms Classes" from the list of sessions available, and put Sensing Problems in the Note section.

Time Level Prerequisite Price
1-2 hours (approx) Beginner none $70