I have had the pleasure of experiencing several forms of massage at Caring Palms studio. Whether it was Reiki or a combination of massage methods, I left feeling markedly better and most often absolutely better than I had felt before each massage.

I am both awed and appreciative of Brian Dean's gifts of empathy, sight and healing. Nobody does it better!  I've experienced lengthy rounds of physical therapy sessions elsewhere and as a result I found myself more than delighted with the instant revival to normalcy of physical health I've come to rely on after one session with Brian.

Spirit, Body and Soul applaud his mind and his methods.



He is a master of massage. After 20 years of getting massages, I have found the best. I work at Shands ICU and have incredible muscle pain and tension. I survive on Brian’s massages. Highly recommend.



I have known Brian for several years. I know him both as a colleague and therapist. His level of integrity and motivation for self improvement of his abilities and skills is far above average. His skill level continues to rise with each passing year. I recently experienced a session with him where he "read" my energy system before beginning his work and without me telling him what was bothering me. His assessment was spot on. This is a truly his gift. With all the tools he has to offer, he was then able to select, with very little input from me, the perfect combination of techniques to give me the results I was looking for. This is rare in therapists. He was focused and attentive. I appreciate his work and highly recommend it.



In the 10 years I've known Brian it is his strength in character and his caring, thoughtful manner that has drawn me to him. As a client, I'm able to feel completely relaxed knowing I am in good hands. Thank you.



Great teacher.



I can wholeheartedly recommend Brian Dean to anyone, both as a Reiki teacher and as a massage therapist. His ethics are exceptional - I always have the highest level of comfort with his work. Several times, he has corrected a painful back injury of mine with 1 - 2 treatments. I urge anyone to take advantage of his abilities - I feel fortunate to know him.



Many people look at massage as something one does on vacation to accentuate the relaxation process. I have to admit that I was for a long time one of those people. But once I started going to Caring Palms, I realized that 12 months between massages was too long!  I look forward to my sessions with Brian as a mini vacation, available any time.



Brian Dean of Caring Palms has been treating me for the past six months with deep tissue massage combined with a Lomi Lomi massage therapy. This treatment has relieved the soreness and tension in my neck and lower back and has greatly increased my flexibility. Brian is a pleasure to work with, and I highly recommend his services.



I've had the privilege of affording massagers on a regular basis for over 20 years. Beyond a doubt Brian Dean at Caring Palms is the best. His love and devotion to massage therapy as well as the time and money Brian spends to continue to further his knowledge definitely shows in his work. I've experienced massages from some of the nicest spas around the country but none compare to the peaceful energy felt a Caring Palms.



Caring Palms is a wonderful place to learn Reiki, not to mention great Reiki sessions!

Brian is a very informative teacher, it was a joy to learn Reiki 1 from him. Can't wait for 2 and 3.

Reiki has opened up a lighted path to spiritual enlightenment for me and I appreciate it greatly.



I've tried many massage therapists in Jacksonville and elsewhere, and Brian ranks in the top three. With his intuitive skills, a variety of healing methods and overall skills, his massages are always well above the norm. Truly a worthwhile experience.



I've taken Reiki classes with Brian and find him to be an outstanding instructor, explaining everything in detail. Also he is a very good massage therapist.



Whenever I walk into the Caring Palms studio, I immediately feel a sense of calm wash over me. The soothing sound of water plus the calm aura of Brian are a winning combination!  Brian always takes the time before a massage session to hear your concerns. His massages are never rushed. I always feel like a new woman when I leave, fully relaxed, tension and anxiety free. I was so impressed that my husband and I took a Couples Massage teaching lesson. Brian was patient and an excellent teacher!  And we had fun too!



After coming in with a sore shoulder and arm, I was amazed at Brian’s ability to discern the area without prior knowledge. His massage was exactly what was needed.

We look forward to visiting Brian again.

His couple’s class was very insightful.