Meditation Sessions

Meditation is a means of communicating with your subconscious mind. It is useful for various reasons, calming, strength, reinforcement of desires, and making changes in the way you feel or act. By your conscious mind telling your sub-conscious how you want to be, you can slowly transform yourself, and achieve your goals.

If you do, or have done meditation, but just don’t seem to be getting where you want to go, and want some help, we can take you through a meditation crafted specifically for your needs.

Come in and talk with us, and we will listen to see what would be the best meditation for you. This could be something standard (like a Sanctuary meditation), or something specific to you, something designed to your specific needs.

Once there is a plan, we will craft a meditative “journey” just for you, and take you through it. Usually with most meditations, we guide the subject to a place that they can do the work they need whether that be calming, building strength, or making changes in their makeup. We then allow time for the subject to do the work they need (as much as 15 minutes), and then bring them back to full wakefulness.

Once hearing the meditation, the subject could remember it, and repeat it at home for themselves.

Caring Palms’ meditations are guided meditation, but not for the entire time. We take the subject into the meditative state, bring them to a place to do the work they want, and let them work for a while before bringing them back. This is different from other guided meditations who guide one through every step. We believe that the purpose of meditation is to do some type of work, and we allow that time (in most of our meditations). While we are not speaking (guiding) during this process, we are there watching to make sure the subject is safe at all times. Meditation is a safe and beneficial process that leaves the subject calm, and fulfilled.

Have questions? Call us and we will answer anything we can.

$70 per hour, prorated for shorter or longer sessions. Sessions usually last from 30 to 60 minutes.

Guided Meditation CDs and MP3s are available through the Meditations page.