September 30, 2006

Today was an amazing day. I attended a mediumship workshop taught by Simone Key of the Arthur Findlay School in Britain. 

Last night Simone gave a demonstration to a small group in the room we were having the class in. She connected with spirits, described the people she was talking with, and passed on messages to people in the room. 

Today, she told us some information, then started us doing exercises. One of the things that she believed in (where some of the other mediumship teachers did not) was to develop the psychic side. You see mediumship includes the psychic abilities as one has to be a psychic to be a medium. But not all psychics are mediums. She had us do a couple exercises using only our psychic senses.

She broke us up into couples with people we did not know. She had us look at them and see what colors came to mind and something about them based on each color. The lady working with me saw many colors telling her that I am into way too many things. I looked at her and saw three colors, and was able to get images based on each color. These images suggested what she was about. She was involved with some type of teaching. She liked nature. She liked swimming. It was definitely interesting.

The next exercise (with a new partner) was to tell the other person things about themselves when they were 21. My partner and I did the same thing. We sat there and tried to remember what was going on when we were 21. She was currently 70, and my memory is so bad I can’t remember what happened yesterday. 

She saw me going through changes, seeing a particular female friend, fairly satisfied where life was taking me. I saw her on a college campus, wearing poodle skirts, and learning information to become a teacher.

Next Simone lead us through an exercise to center us in our ‘power’. Then she had us break into pairs again, but this time to connect to spirit, specifically whatever spirit wanted to come through for the other person. (One of the things that Simone told us about mediumship was to keep talking. Sometimes the spirit will not exactly volunteer information. By keeping talking, we keep the energy going. One of the ways to keep spirit giving you information is to make them fill in the blanks. “yes and this person died by…” and make them fill that in.)

When I opened up, I connected with a female figure that told me she was my partner’s grandmother. I was able to describe her, tell some things about her. I asked and was shown how she died. I actually saw her clutching her chest. I knew she fell on the floor and was found by a male whom I believed to be my partner’s father. I was able to pass on a message, and answer a few questions. Because they dealt with current information, I’m not sure if the questions answered came from spirit or psychic. 

Since turnabout is fair play (as they used to on some game show), she connected with my grandmother. While my partner could verify a lot of what I was saying, I could not verify much of the information I was given. My grandmother had died when I was very young, maybe five or six. She told me that she saw her cooking a lot of food for a meal, and that she seemed to enjoy it. This made sense as my Dad was the youngest of seven children. They lived on a farm in Maine. Cooking a lot for dinner made a lot of sense. My partner described my grandmother as someone that liked to do things spontaneously. Her message to me was to be more spontaneous. 

When we were all done, we assembled back in the classroom. Simone had one more exercise for us. She wanted to prove how subtle spirit can be. She had us close our eyes and visualize the floor being covered with flowers. She told us to reach down, pick a flower and then bring it up and look at it. Once we had done that, we opened our eyes.

She wanted to know how many people’s flowers changed from the time they picked them to the time they looked at them. I was one of five people that raised their hands. I picked up something resembling a pansy, but when I looked at it, the flower had become something else, a different type of flower. Simone said that this was spirit influencing the outcome to make a connection. 

Each of us that had seen a change now had more work to do. We had to determine whom the flower was for and who sent it. Then we had to give validating information to prove that we were indeed talking with the person we said we were. (I had initially started like John Edward. I told the person that I had a male figure above her thusly being father, grandfather, uncle, etc. Simone looked and me and said “Just ask.” Duh. Why not. Ask and find out. So I found that this was the father of the person I said the flower was for.)

I had supplied a few pieces of validating information, and then passed on the message, or as much of the message as I could get. I just couldn’t seem to find all of it, and I was not hearing it as I would a voice. I was waiting for words to come into my head, but they would not. Simone had to connect and get the rest of the message. I know, practice, practice.

It was all very eye opening. Simone said she is clairvoyant (the ability to see things), clairaudient (the ability to hear things), clairsentient (the ability to experience things with the five senses, smell, taste, etc.) and clairknowing (the ability to just know some things). She said that it takes a lot of energy to see visions, but less to hear. So once she has made a connection with a spirit, she will simply use the audio portion to get her information. Looking at those, I have experienced all of them except clairsentient. I seem to see images real easily, but hardly ever hear voices. (Once I do I’ll be able to say that I do what the voices in my head tell me to do.) I have had instances where I just seem to know things. It all makes me wonder where the information I get comes from. Am I truly reading energies (as in psychic energies) or am I getting the information from spirit and not being aware of it? 

Like I said, this was a truly amazing workshop.