September 28, 2006

I met with Simone Key for my first ever mediumship reading. I have had readings before, psychic readings, but not mediumship ones. 

The first thing you need to understand is that a psychic reading involves reading energies. This is what Kay did, and did so well. She also contacted her guides and got information from them. From here she could make predictions, and confirm or deny things that one felt was going to happen. A medium talks to spirits, gives validating information to prove that they are really connecting with whom they say they are, and then pass on messages.

At first Simone looked at my aura, and told me a bit about myself. Everything was going on tape, so I wasn’t concerned with taking notes. I wasn’t even concerned with getting this down real quickly either. (This is actually being written almost a month afterwards.) Unfortunately, there was a problem with her microphone and some of the tape was lost (most of that had to do with her telling me about me). 

She did tell me that I had a pretty good idea of energies and how the universe worked, at least this ‘after death’ thing. She told me that I liked nature and liked the way it worked. The rest I don’t remember, and it was lost on the tape.

Now, keep in mind that during this whole thing, I was only responding with ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Simone would say something and ask if it made sense or not. I was very consciously not giving her any information that could help. She didn’t want it anyway. But the point is that she went on whatever she picked up from outside.

At this point, she opened up to the spirits and went looking for a relative. (There were only three or four or five people that I could have heard from and known enough to be able to validate information, and two of them would have been questionable. I have three relatives on the other side, my Mom and my grandparents on my father’s side. One grandparent died when I was very young, the other when I was 13. Of the two non-relatives, there is my Reiki and psychic development teacher, Kay, and my friend Jan who is the only friend that came out of high school with me.)

Simone connected with my mother. She described her to me, told me she was short, the shape she was. Then she told me about what type of person she was. Although Mom was not a very tactile person (not always touching and such), she let’s me know that she is there by touching her hand on my shoulder. 

She managed to describe problems that my Mom had had and what ultimately lead to her death. She told me that Mom had had a slight stroke about three weeks before she died. I know that something happened that caused my Dad to take her to the hospital. I never knew what the reason was, and I’m not sure my Dad ever truly knew that it was a stroke. But it makes sense.

Simone said that Mom passes on her love, and feels that I have a lot going on right now. It feels like I’m into a lot of things and I seem to be having a (almost) crisis sorting things out, trying to figure out what I am going to do. I want to change a lot of things. Her advice was to do it. Don’t be complacent. She felt that I’m the type of person that will make changes once I make up my mind as to what I want to change.

Simone asked if there was anyone I’d really like to talk with. She said that there are always lots of people wanting to come through, but if there was one in particular, she would see if they were available. I told her that I would like to hear from my teacher, Kay. (Now, the fact that I had said teacher gave Simone information she didn’t need to have, but this could have been my math teacher for all she knew.)

Once Simone had made contact with Kay, she began describing her. She told me what she looked like, told me a lot about her personality. Then she started passing on what she was being told. 

She said that Kay was talking about this great bond she had with me, and how I was such a good challenge for her. I was always asking her questions. I wanted answers. Kay tried to change the way I was thinking, getting me to recognize things that were outside my normal thinking range. She feels that she has done a good job. She changed the way I looked at my life. She feels that I have done her proud (those were the words Simone heard). I am now into so many things from crystals to energy to healing to the psychic. Kay said that this stuff was her life. Kay was very into color. (I could have figured this as she would take us through the colors of the chakras with each meditation.) 

Kay said it is really good to know that I am still involved with all of these things. (I missed a bit here because of tape problems.) She says that I am very generous with my time (which is true), and that I like to help people when I can. I know that I can’t help everyone, but I do what I can. Kay says that I am doing a good job. It’s not just lip service with me. 

She says she has a lovely way of working with the spirit world. But she wants me to know that she has moved on. 

She wants me to know that she is here for me, and she is very proud of me and the way I am starting to deal with things in my own life. She then talked for a while about my moving. (At some time in the future, I have been told, and feel, that I will end up somewhere in the mountains, maybe Virginia.) She said that before that happens I have a lot of cleaning up to do inside and outside. It is not going to happen over night. 

Kay wants me to know that she is happy for me. She tells me that I have been having a tough time recently. It feels like I have been mentally battered and that it is coming at me from all sides. There are problems with people around me. This is to say that people around me have been having problems, and that I have been worried about them. I haven’t been sleeping as well because of this. 

She wants me to know that she is here for me, every step of the way. She said that I was very good to her, that she could count on me, just to be there, to ask how she was, being courteous. We always crossed each other as friends. 

She is here to show me that there will be changes. There will always be changes, but I have to trust that they are good changes. I need to know that I am moving forward not backward (which is something I have been worried about). These changes are going to start opening new doors and new challenges. Different types of work are coming my way. She wants me to know that, although I will worry about these things, they will get sorted. Everything will work out. 

She says that I listen to the spirit world. Every now and then I need to tune into the spirit world and ask if what I am about to do is the right thing or if this is right for me. She says I’ll get my answer. And that I will have to trust that answer. She says I get answers, but I don’t always trust them. 

Simone then asked if I had any questions. This is the point that I always go blank. I did ask if there was anything I could be doing to further my development.

Kay’s answer was immediate... sit still. Sit still in the power. I need to go outside and sit and ask the spirit to come close to me. Sit in the power of it and I will feel better. She is worried because I do not feel rested. She wants me to feel rested. She needs me to know that things need to get worked out within me. I haven’t been feeling great, and its all been stress related. She wants me to sit quietly for spirit, ask the spirit world to come close to me and ask them to give me a healing. Then I will feel a lot better. That will give me the energy to go on. 

She says that all too often I feel like a fish out of water. When I sit with the spirit world I get a sense of calm, a sense of purpose. That’s what she wants for me. At the moment, I’m all over the place. I need to look for that calm and that peace. 

For two and a half years, it has been too hectic. Now spirit is going to slow me down. Now they’re going to show me that this is where I need to be. This is a rotten time for me. I’m beginning to question everything... where I am, what I should be doing, where I should be, even the people around me. It is because I have lost touch with the spirit within. If I just sit and ask spirit to come close, I will get back that feeling of purpose, and that feeling of lightness. 

Wow. All of that was given to me in 30 minutes. Listening to it again has opened something within me. It seems that I made a connection with the classes last week, and this makes all too much more sense. But the key is that it adds to it. Wow. 

This has been an amazing experience. I’m glad I decided to take the opportunity to do this.