September 19, 2006 (Part 1)

Well today’s class ended with something unusual (as if this stuff has been normal). I was doing Reiki on someone I had been working with in class yesterday as she had wanted to see it. I had gotten part way through when she suddenly started unwinding.

She started crying and moving. She was blocking. She started going into strange positions. Another of the students was waiting for me to finish as we were going to go to dinner together. I asked her to come over and help in case my subject did a lot of wild moves.

As my subject unwound, she told me about what she was going through, had gone through. (I had not asked, and felt that if she told me, then she did. It was not my business, but I would listen if she felt the need to tell.) When she was young, her uncle used to watch after her. (We’re talking about the ages of seven to ten.) He used to make her undress, and he would take pictures of her. (Damn, there are a lot of sick people in this world.) He used to put his hand on her lower abdomen, which is why that seems to be a key point to triggering unwinding. 

She not only felt upset about what had happened, but guilty as well. She hadn’t said anything as she felt no one would believe her. Because she said nothing, the same thing happened to her younger sister. 

As we have seen before, the Reiki went in and started breaking down the walls that held back the memories because the only way to free oneself of memories is to let them go, not lock them up. The way she dealt with them was by unwinding. 

This took a while, and after it was over, she was terribly drained. Wow. I never expected that to happen. I’m glad I knew what to do. If this had happened on my table at home, and I had not had this training, then I would have been lost.