September 11, 2006

I had a dream last night that I thought was totally bizarre. But then I woke up and realized what the date was.

In the dream, I remember that we (and I’m not sure who the other person was) had infiltrated a group of terrorists. We knew what the plan was, and knew we had to find a way to stop it. We had set out on the mission, and while we were on our way to do whatever it was we were supposed to do, we were trying to figure out how to sabotage the plan. I remember going down the road running over options that could screw up the terrorists plan.

It was at this point that I woke up. I thought that this was a very weird dream. It was extremely vivid, and totally bizarre. About three hours later, I was recounting it to someone when the realization hit me as to what day it was. I hadn’t really seen any news, or watched much television, so I hadn’t seen all the specials and commentary about today being the fifth anniversary. 

Has it really been five years? Five years since I got a call from my wife, and walked down the hall and turned on a TV. Five years since I saw two huge buildings fall into dust. Five years since everything in this country stopped. Five years since I started massage school or was supposed to start. (The 11th was the first night of class, but that was postponed one night.) 

A lot has happened in five years, yet we still live on fear. And today is just a reminder of how much we truly fear. We fear not only on a conscious level, but on a deeper subconscious level. My dream shows that to be true. But maybe it also shows that there is a resolve not to let things like that happen again. I guess we can only hope so.