October 1, 2006

As part of the mediumship workshop, the regular class go to meet with Simone and get a spiritual assessment. She went down the people one at a time spending five minutes with each of us. What she told me was fascinating.

She started by tuning into the spiritual energies, then started telling me about myself. She said that…

I have been interested in a lot of energies from earth energies to chakras and more, and that all that is coming to a head. My own spirit has been knocking on the door telling that it’s time to focus on what I want, where I am going to this. Rather than doing bits of things here and there and having a diverse range, it is time to consolidate. This does not take away the avenues that I am going down. It just builds into one whole. 

I am starting to sit within my power on a regular basis. I had lost this for a while, maybe three or four months. I am starting to get reconnected with it, feeling stronger, with more of a drive.

Simone then asked for someone that works with me to show themselves to her. 

There is an American Indian that has been working with me. I have been aware of him in the distant past. He sees that I have been involved with different types of energies from earth and sea and more. He’s here to work with me in that way. I know he’s with me as he comes close, I feel a tingling in my fingers. He comes in close because I want him to get a closer, to bond, closeness of spirit. He’s trying to help me subdue my conscious mind in order to be open to influence so he can inspire me with words. This is why he’s here. He says that I am now starting to do the work I should have done two years ago. (Boy does this hit home.) He knows I am interested in healing, and he helps. 

I have asked to know who helps me with energy. It is him and many others. He acts as the spokesperson. He is there so I have more of a sense of belonging to the energy.

Wow. That was quite a lot in five minutes, though I wish it had gone on for another five. 

I know what she was saying when she said I had not been ‘sitting in my power’ for several months. There was a long part where there was so much going on, I really didn’t feel I was getting into things like I needed to. I was still doing good work, but there was appoint a couple months ago where things started happening and I was forced to stretch my muscles. I need to be forced to stretch my muscles. 

Going to MFR class has been like turning on a switch, and that doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with the fact that it was MFR. But somewhere during that class, I started to get into a mind set (which I have been calling ‘the zone’). I have been working in that while doing massage, MFR, Reiki, and other things. I have been feeling much more confident since then. I am so much stronger. This is what she meant by sitting in my power, and getting reconnected with spirit.

One of the things that really hit me was the comment that I am now starting to do the work I should have been doing two years ago. It was two and half years ago that I opened my shop and started doing this work full time. That was the time that Kay had predicted that I would be doing healing full time. 

When I opened the shop, I wanted to do tremendous amounts of healing work with massage and energy. The problems was that I also needed to run a business. The desire to do what I needed to do got buried in the needs of running the business. With the strength I have been feeling since going to classes, I am feeling that I am really doing what I was meant to do. I need to do more of it. But I am doing it.

Bottom line... the evening was very educational.