November 20, 2006

One thing I notice about mediums is that they seem to have different goals.

One of the goals of all mediums is to prove that there is more life after we leave this physical body. By providing validations of things that only a very few or only the very person they claim to be talking with could know, they prove that there is life after death, or life after this physical life. 

This is why the British style of mediumship is done the way it is. They feel that the first, most important thing to do is validate that they are indeed talking to someone that has passed over. But all too many of them feel that this is where their job stops. They feel that they have proven that someone’s loved one is still around and all right no matter what happened before or during their passing. 

Personally, I have a problem with this. Yes, your Mom made it to the other side, and she is fine, and I can tell you all these things to validate that what I’m saying is true. And now that I have, I’m done. Uhh. But if Mom is here, doesn’t she even want to say hello? I mean she came all this way just to tell you some things and not say hi?

See what I mean?

Then there are many of the British style mediums (like John Edward) that feel the other part of their job is to pass on a message. They will pass on someone’s love from the other side, or a message, or sometimes even a warning. I like this plan better. It lets a person hear something personal. 

I don’t know why some feel they should not pass on a personal message while others do. I guess if you are going to see a medium that works in the British style, you might want to ask this up front. Just a thought.