November 10, 2006

I was giving a Reiki session today, and suddenly it turned into an impromptu reading (mediumship reading that is).

I was working on my client, passing Reiki energy when I closed my eyes. Suddenly I saw an image of a man in some type of robe. I could only describe it as a choir robe, or church robe. He was carrying some gold colored object that sat in some type of pedestal. I assumed it had to do with whatever ceremony was being performed.

Normally, I do not get visions in the middle of my sessions, or if I do, I generally don’t say anything. Since I have been taking the mediumship classes, I have learned that when this happens, it is spirit making contact with me because they want me to pass on a message. 

So, instead of ignoring it, I got brave and asked my client if that image meant anything. She said no. I didn’t push the point immediately as I didn’t know how she felt about these things. I closed my eyes and looked again and saw the same person. Taking things bluntly, I asked his name. He told me John. I passed that on, but my client told me that her grandfather was named Joe, not John. (Later she told me she remembered that his name was John, but everyone called him Joe.) 

I asked how he died, and was shown a picture of him in a hospital bed. I asked if he had been in the hospital for a time before he died, and my client told me yes. I pulled out a couple more things that further validated that I was talking with her grandfather. Then I passed on a message, and it sounds easier than it actually was. 

I felt the energies fading, even though I was still channeling Reiki at a very huge level. I pulled energy into me from all around to keep contact long enough to feel I got the whole message and pass it on. 

It takes a lot of energy to keep these types of contacts. This is why it is easier in a group setting or class as there is a lot of energy there. One on one is a bit harder. This spirit decided to use the Reiki energy as a springboard to get a message to his granddaughter. Cool.