May 28, 2006

I had a massage scheduled for this morning. Unfortunately, I ended up going through a lot of trouble for nothing.

I have had people not show up for their scheduled sessions before, but that was usually on a weekday when I am sitting at the studio. I don’t go in and sit there on the weekends, I simply show up when I have appointments. This is what I did today. Unfortunately, the person scheduled did not come in. The bad thing is that this was made just two days ago. It’s not like there were a couple weeks since it was scheduled for her to forget.

I just find this very rude. If I were dealing with a busy schedule at the studio, and had left a spot open for someone and they didn’t show up, well, that’s lost revenue because I might have been able to book that time. In this case, it is time taken away from the numerous tasks I had to do on the weekend, and the effort put out to come in and open the studio and get it ready for business. 

I called this person’s phone, but just got voice mail. I left a message that they had obviously missed their appointment and that if they want to reschedule to call back. I felt like telling her never to call me again, but that will probably be the result anyway. Why is it that people can’t be bothered to have a little common courtesy to let someone know that they won’t be able to make an appointment they set up? 

One thing I have found since starting my own business is that all too many people can be very rude. And that’s truly a shame.