May 2, 2006

Ok, it’s rant time again. I got a call this morning that really set me off.

A lady called this morning. What do you charge? $60 an hour. Do you have anything available today? Yes, I can get you in. Do you have a female therapist? No. Well I can’t come see you then. My husband doesn’t let me see male therapists. 

I stopped. I took a deep breath, and I told her that it was a shame because she was missing some good work. What did I really want to say?

Well I wanted to tell her that her husband was a jealous, insecure jerk and that she obviously didn’t have any strength or self worth to do other than what he told her to do. Does he pick your doctor too? Is that person a female? How about your dentist? Or your vet? Are you such a slave to his insecurities that he runs your life?

Wow. That was a lot. 

Truthfully, she probably loves him enough to satisfy his wishes and desires, and not do things that will upset him. But from the outside looking in, she has no self. Over the years, I have gotten tired of the Bubbaville, redneck attitude toward women. Some of it is straight out of the 1950’s. 

If I had told my wife who she could see and who she could not, well, she probably would have hit me upside my head and told me to knock off the crap. Of course, had I been this type of person initially, we never would have gotten together in the first place. 

I just have a hard time with people that are so afraid that they tell their spouses what they can do and what they can’t. To me, that attitude went out when women pushed for equal jobs and equal pay, something they’re still not getting. 

I know, I know. People are illogical, inconsiderate and self-centered. Love them anyway.