March 24, 2006

There are a few more things I wanted to talk about from John Edward. He made some valid points as he tried to teach some interesting information to the people in the audience.

I’ve talked about the relationship between the soul and the body before. John made it much clearer than I ever did. He said that in a way, the body is a car, and the soul is the driver. When the car dies, the driver leaves it. The same happens as the body dies. The soul no longer has use for it, so it moves on.

The difference is that when most people get in a car, they don’t take on the characteristics of that car. Well, maybe some of them do. I know that I drive differently when I am in our mini van than I do from when I’m in our sporty little car. So maybe there are characteristics there that change. 

John defined the soul going into the body as an actor taking on a role. Once in that role, the actor is that character. (It was said that when Andreas Katsulas got into makeup to play G’kar on Babylon 5, he became the character. Anyone who talked to him during the time he was in makeup, got G’Kar. Once the makeup came off, he was Andreas again.) The soul works the same way. The body brings on certain characteristics, a role if you will. The soul plays that part forgetting everything that it has learned before, in other lifetimes. 

During his father’s life, John never got along with him. Now that his father is dead, they communicate, and they get along fine. Now that his father is dead, he doesn’t have to play the role he was playing when he was in the body. Now that he is no longer taking on those characteristics, they get along much better.

As John reads people, he brings up information to validate that he is talking to the person he says he is. Rather than saying that a certain person is here and he is telling you that he loves you, he will ask the spirit for information that will prove to you that he is indeed speaking with that person. Once you are sure that he has provided enough validations, he will pass along a message if there is one. 

Now, he says that everyone on the other side, your entire family line can be watching to see what you are doing. He will not usually get messages from someone three generations back because you won’t know who they are. So, it is pointless giving you validations for someone you don’t know. However, this did happen once.

He was doing a reading for a person, and this person’s ancestors were coming through, generations worth. And this person was acknowledging them. John did not understand how this could be, but it was happening. As it turned out, this person was keeper of the family genealogy, and was very familiar with the family tree. So as the ancestors came through, he was able to validate that they were who they said they were. 

I do not know if John believes in reincarnation. It would be an interesting question to ask if there was a means.

The last thing he wanted people to know was about the soul and transitioning. The soul is energy. Energy can exist in many forms operating on many different vibrational levels. When we die, the soul does not die, it moves to a different level as energy always exists. 

A good example is water. Yup, good old water. Water is a combination of oxygen and hydrogen, or H2O (two molecules of hydrogen and one of oxygen). When we boil water, it ceases to be water. It becomes steam. You still have the hydrogen and oxygen, and they are still associated, but the vibration has been raised to a different level, and they appear to be something else. (More information on vibrations and how a higher vibration changes things, yet keeps them the same can be found in the entry on February 5, 2002.)

As the soul leaves the body, it goes to a higher vibration, a higher frequency. This vibration is pure energy. The body is a low vibration (the solid physical things vibrate at a low level while energies vibrate at a much higher level). As the body dies, the soul leaves it and becomes a higher vibration, away from the physical world.

One more thing he said was interesting. He refers to people that have died as existing ‘on the other side’. To them, there is no ‘other side’. They, over there, do not notice a difference between where they are and where we are. We notice a difference. Duh. But they don’t you see, we’re energy too. We just vibrate at a much slower level.