June 25, 2006

Well, it finally happened. I hired a female employee. Actually, today marks two weeks that she has been with me.

She found me through the ad in Natural Awakenings. She called, then came in and we talked. The next day she gave me a massage and I was pleased with it. 

She feels that the universe has brought her to me for a reason. Neither of us know how long she is supposed to stay, but for now, she is here. She likes the energies, and likes the room she is working in.

I’m hoping that she will find that staying here is the right thing. She mentioned giving it a couple of months, but I am hoping she will stay longer. The key is going to be getting people in to see her. She is handing her business cards out wherever she can, but that is not enough. I have advertising going in place after the holiday, but up until then we are dealing with short weeks. I was in Plantation which caused two weeks to be short. I’ll be at the FMSTA convention with will give us a three day week. And then the holiday falls in the week after that (which means that business will be slow that week for sure). 

I’m hoping she gives it more time and that the clients do come in. We seem to be getting along and we have things in common, interest in energy, a good work ethic, and science fiction. Having her there gives us the ability to do couples massage which I am now advertising. 

She also brings some new things to the practice. She is very good at Trigger Point therapy. She is also practicing Shiatsu, and when she gets comfortable enough to do it, we’ll be advertising it. 

All in all, I am excited and hopeful. I hope she likes it here and stays.