June 20, 2006

I taught Reiki 1 today with two students. One of them had taken it just because he has heard me talk about it, the other because I had worked on her a week or so before. (She was the one that had the tendril attached to her siphoning her energy off.)

She was doing a lot better. She wasn’t tired any more and was much more centered than she had been when I had seen her. 

Although what we were doing was pretty new to my one student, he picked it up very quickly. He was amazed at the energy that was going through him. I think what got him the most was that he was standing there sweating with no effort or reason. (As the energy goes through one, they tend to get very warm, and this causes them to sweat.)

Both students enjoyed it immensely, and are looking forward to coming back for Reiki 2.