June 19, 2006

A funny thing happened at the beginning of the Lomi class the other day. 

I had a moment at the beginning of class, so I went out to the lobby to get some coffee. While I was there, Alice’s assistant came out and told me that the rest of the class (who were all females, five of them) were changing and that she would come get me when they were ready. The first thing that passed through my mind was “changing into what?” I had visions of walking into the room and finding monsters or killer vampires. 

The next thing that passed through my mind was “didn’t I see enough of this felgercarb in school?” In other classes I have been in, the women and men prepared themselves in the same room, we simply averted our eyes. Oh well, immaturity is wide spread in this field.

When I came into the room, there were three tables, and there was a person down on two of them. Alice told me that I would be first down on the table, so I set down my coffee, and started to get undressed. I was wearing a swimsuit as Lomi Lomi does not do that much work on the glutes (the backside), so one doesn’t need to undress completely. 

Alice looked and joked that “Brian’s getting naked.” The better joke was that every one of them looked. Hmmm, something seems a slight bit unfair here. I just looked at them and told them not to get excited, and besides seeing me naked is not a pretty picture.