June 13, 2006

I notice that things tend to go in cycles. Lately, I seem to be doing a lot of Myofascial Release. 

I had a lady in that wanted a massage. She said she was having alignment problems, but didn’t know what she needed. I looked at her and told her where her alignment was off. I suggested MFR. I told her we could do that this time, or on another visit if she was looking for more relaxation this time. She decided she wanted the MFR as she had had it before.

The changes that were made were tremendous. Most of her alignment returned. Now the question is can she keep it that way?

But it seems that everything goes in spurts. I do a lot of one thing, and then don’t do any for several months. Or I do something that doesn’t seem to have much effect, and then suddenly it starts doing wonders. 

Oh well, I guess the cycles will continue to go.