July 29, 2006

Ok, here’s another one. We had two appointments this morning. At least that is how it started.

Yesterday, a lady called and talked to my partner. She wanted to get in for a massage for herself and her husband. She talked with Renee a while as she was very concerned about her husband getting a good massage. Her husband is a computer programmer and has a lot of issues in his back and neck. She was very concerned about what he can get to relieve the problems.

I had planned to go to a gem and mineral show in Gainesville today, and delayed that trip so that we could both be at the studio to see these people for their 10AM appointments. The key is, that they both wanted massages and did not want to be waiting on the other person while they were being worked on.

RenĂ©e and I got in at about 9: 30 this morning and set up our rooms. At exactly 10:00, they came in. We came out to meet them and I handed them the paperwork for them to fill out. Couple minutes later the husband asked why we needed personal information. I explained to him that the information goes into our files and stays there. I also explained that what we do here is healthcare. He asked if we were both licensed healthcare professionals and I told him that we were. (Keep in mind that the only form he was looking at so far was asking for his name, address, telephone number, and birth date.) He looked at it for another minute or so and then said "I'm not going to give you this." I took the clipboard from each of the men and wished them a nice day.

I really don't know what his problem was with the information. As far as I'm concerned, the more personal information are the health questions that also need to be answered. Unfortunately, this is information we need so that we don't hurt somebody that has an existing problem.

When I talked to my friend in Ireland, she told me that she wouldn't give a massage therapist her name and address either. At the same time, over there massage is not covered under the Department of Health. Here it is.

I really do not know what his problem was, but I know that I was in the shop early on a Saturday, and put off trip to Gainesville by a couple of hours, to have this happen. And on top of that, he broke my clipboard. We knew his wife was mad at him when they left, and I hope she lets him know.

I know, I know. People are stupid. Love them anyway.