July 21, 2006

I’m getting real tired of the bubba BS from people. We had a couple clients come in this afternoon that wanted massages. Then things turned south (and I don’t mean heading toward the equator).

A couple walked in and they both wanted a massage. They asked if we could see them, and if we could work on them both at the same time so they wouldn’t be waiting. Seeing as there were two of us and an open schedule, we told them we could. 

I handed them the necessary paperwork, and we both went off to prepare our rooms. When mine was ready, I came out to talk with the people. The man looked at me and asked “I take it there is a male and a female therapist?” Well, yes. As it turned out, they were both uncomfortable with a male therapist. So, the woman went in to see my partner, and the man left, coming back later when she was done.

Since work has been slow, I was extremely disappointed, and a little angry. I mean, they saw two of us there. Did they think I was hiding someone else, like another female therapist? And then they waited until I had the room set up to say anything. Arrrgh. 

The next stab was when the lady was in with my partner that she made the comment that she just couldn’t get undressed in front of a man. She wasn’t raised that way. What?! I wonder if her doctor is a male or female. What we do is healthcare the same as he/she does. 

First off, no one gets undressed in front of anyone. The therapist leaves the room, and the client gets undressed alone and gets under the full sheet drape. I am truly glad she did not say that to my face. I would have told her to get her butt outta my shop and never come back. The way it came across was that for her to see me, it would be something dirty and disgusting. At the same time, she certainly didn’t see anything wrong with her husband getting undressed in front of a female therapist. That’s that fine line of the bubba double standard that goes on around here. 

I ended up going back to my room and trying very hard to calm and meditate. At one point, I was so angry, I could see tendrils of anger reaching out toward my partner’s client. Thankfully, I have both treatment rooms double shielded. The anger did not reach her. It bounced off the shields and gave me a headache. At that point, I realized what was happening and calmed. The last thing I want to do is affect any session here in a negative way. 

The husband claimed he would call back the next day to set an appointment with my partner, but he never did. I’m sorry. I just get tired of the stupidity sometimes. 

As one saying goes, the two most common elements in the universe and hydrogen, and stupidity.