July 1, 2006

I have been attending the Florida State Massage Therapy convention this weekend. While picking up some good marketing information in a couple classes, I did get to assist with the Lomi Lomi class that Alice gave. It was fun. 

There were over 100 students in this class. Alice talked for a while then started showing some moves. She, and her assistant, and her assistant’s brother and I went through the 50 odd tables helping people do the moves right. I was pleased that it all felt real good as I helped people find their proper stances and positions. 

I remembered a few things from martial arts years ago. People were having trouble with their footing and balance. Years ago, I was taught that if I put out a hand, put a foot under it to support it. If I stick out my right hand to do something, I should have my right foot forward. 

The same seems to be true for what they were doing. It helped them find balance and do the moves where they felt comfortable. (And the neatest thing was that after the class two weeks ago, I felt totally comfortable doing this.)

It was a fun morning.