January 31, 2006

On my way in this morning, I had stopped off at Emily’s shop up the street to drop off a flyer. While I was there talking with Cynthia, a prospective client came in and asked some questions. Her response to the answers was very strange.

I was standing in the entrance hallway with Cynthia when an older lady came in. She came up and asked “Do you do massage here?” Cynthia replied with a quick ‘yes’. The lady then asked “Do you do massage that makes one happy?” Cynthia and I both thought it was an odd question, but she responded with another ‘yes’. At that point, the lady turned around and started to leave. 

I was kind of catching on, but Cynthia was extremely puzzled. She called to the lady to try to see what she was talking about. The lady turned around and asked if they did erotic massage. Cynthia looked a bit shocked and told her “no, we only do licensed massage.” At that point, the lady discussed her problem, and signed up for a session. 

You see, there is a term that is quite familiar within the industry, and that term is ‘happy endings’. Sometimes, someone will call up asking for a session and then asking if that includes ‘happy endings’. I usually either reply with a ‘no’ or just hang up the phone. ‘Happy endings’ refers to oral sex. Someone getting ‘happen endings’ gets a blow job at the end of the massage. Obviously this lady that had walked in had heard the term, and just didn’t know how to phrase it to ask her question. She was very leery of places that would do erotic massage.

As I left I told the lady that a good massage should make someone happy.