January 25, 2006

I did Reiki today on a 90 year old lady.

Several months ago, I was visited by a lady from California who wanted to buy a gift certificate for her aunt for Reiki. It finally got used today.

I helped my client on the table, and proceeded to work. She drew a good deal of energy. When I had finished the front side, I asked if she could lay on her stomach. She said she could and turned over. 

When I finished, I helped her up. She told me that she had been uncomfortable laying face down (yet she had not said anything). I told her that she should have told me, and she acknowledged that she did not.

She told me that up until that point, she had been the most relaxed that she could ever remember.

I got a call from her niece who purchased another gift certificate over the phone. She said that her aunt had thought it was wonderful up until the point that that she had to turn over. So, she was buying another gift certificate so that her Reiki experience could be all positive. When she comes in, I'll keep her face up.