January 4, 2006

Numbers, numbers, numbers. Well it is the end of the year, so I am entitled to look at numbers again. 

Over the past year, ‘the company’ has done much better than it had in the previous year. But the bottom line is that it had done much the same in the way of profitability. 

Although I need to concentrate on the money aspect, I find the interesting part to be the numbers and types of sessions. All in all, I have done more work this year than I did last year. That means that I have had more clients coming through the door. Of course, I knew that several months ago when I needed to know how many hours of massage I had done. I looked at the numbers then and already had done more than the previous year.

Well, here are the details... To start with the small stuff, I did 14 Chakra Balancings, 2 Energy Cleansings, and taught 2 students Astral Projection. I did 42 Reiki sessions and taught Reiki to 27 students. 

As far as massage goes, I did 310 hours of massage in 277 sessions. Since I changed the way I classify things, the breakdown may not be as accurate as I would like. I did 130 Combo massage sessions (a combination of Swedish and Lomi Lomi). This is what most people get when they come in unless they tell me what they specifically want. I did 118 Swedish massage sessions, 14 Lomi Lomi sessions (not combined with anything else), 12 Myofascial Release session, and 3 Hot Stone massage sessions. (I'm a little disappointed at the low number of Hot Stone sessions.)

The income of the company was up 83% over last year, but unfortunately so were expenses. The company spent over $2,700 in advertising, $1,500 in computer supplies, $260 in credit card merchant fees (this allows me the take plastic), $1,560 in insurance (shop and personal), $6,200 in rent, and $1,300 in travel costs. (Running a business is not cheap.) During last year, I also spent over $1,200 in licensing for the shop and for me. (Some licensing is yearly, some every two years, and some every four years.) This included licensing in Neptune Beach and Jacksonville, my therapist license, my provider's license, the establishment license (this allows me to work at my shop), and renewal of my national certification. I also spent $2,000 in classes and materials for professional development. 

Over $2,500 was spent to improve the office. This included the construction of the new room, carpeting, paint and all other things needed to make it ready. 

The company also bought two computers this year. I purchased one that was too good a deal to pass up, and too powerful for the business. I ended up keeping that at home and moving that system in the shop. Seeing as most of what I do at home on the computer is work anyway, this is allowable. Unfortunately, the transplanted home system started having problems and needed to be either repaired or replaced. Seeing as it is not worth putting a couple hundred dollars into a seven year old computer, I ended up getting a second one for the office. Hardware cost: $2,000. 

The company collected over $1,500 in tips, and gave $2,900 in discounts (this includes reductions in regular pricing and gift certificates given away for promotions or causes). 

The bottom line is that the books put me about $10,000 in the red, which is about where I was last year. The problem with that is that I made more money this year, and obviously spent more as well. What I need to do is reduce expenses so that maybe I can show a profit. Licensing costs will be lower this year, and I shouldn’t be spending much on classes. The office is as it needs to be so that should eliminate ‘office improvements’. 

Well, I am making this goal... 2006 will be the year Caring Palms gets into the black. That means that it will be profitable, not turn to the dark side. 

Mark your calendars. Next year at this time, I will be talking about how I am ahead. I will. I’m setting the intention now.