February 21, 2006

I worked on (I guess you would call her) a breast cancer survivor today.

My client had had a mastectomy in January to remove a breast that had cancerous lumps in it. The doctor wasn’t completely sure if she is out of the woods or not, so he is having her go through chemotherapy. She will be receiving treatments every other week (or was it weekly) for the next 16 weeks. Since she had heard about Reiki, she looked me up on the web and came to see me.

I found the session truly intriguing. She pulled more energy than I have felt in a long time. I worked on her for a little over an hour. When I was working in the areas from her chest to navel, she pulled a ton of energy. At one point, I felt directed to work on each side of her chest separately. (This is something I have done before. My friend who introduced me to Reiki showed me a ‘cupping a breast’ hand position that she was taught that is out of the normal scope of positions.)

When I worked on the side where the breast had been removed, she pulled a lot of energy. I had a flash as to where the two lumps were that had been the ultimate cause of it being removed. But when I changed to the existing breast, the energy pull went up dramatically. At one point I was inside doing psychic surgery, but couldn’t tell anything for sure. I don’t know if this means that the second breast is cancerous or not. It could simply mean that her body just wants to hang on to this one. 

When I hand scanned the remaining breast, I couldn’t find anything. I was not going to ask to do a hands-on low level scan as it would have made her very uncomfortable. The doctor was talking about doing an MRI on it to see if there was anything there. Hopefully that will happen soon.

After the session, she felt tremendously better, energized, calm. I hope as she keeps coming back, it continues to work for her.