February 3, 2006

I had a lady walk in the shop today asking about massage. She lives in Kansas and will be moving to this area soon. 

She looked at my prices and asked about a half hour massage. Now, I used to do half hour massages when I worked at the psychic fairs. I tend to not do them anymore because I don't feel I can do a good enough job on someone in that time, at least not on a full body. I have done just backs and neck in that period, but not a whole body. What I did at the fairs was very quick, and gave someone a taste of massage and worked out a couple problems. (I get people calling to schedule half hour massages because they want to see what a massage is like. I usually won't do them because they can't be a judge of what a massage is like in 30 minutes.)

I thought that maybe money might be an issue and told her that she would get $10 off as it is her first visit. She thought about it a while, and then said she would take the hour. The issue had not been that she could not afford the hour, it was that she gets bored very quickly. She has always had half hour massages because she would get bored and restless.

I worked on her for a good hour. She was quiet some of the time (I think that was when she was snoring), and we talked some of the time. She was never bored. She was never restless. She told me that she was glad she did the whole hour, and that it was great.