August 20, 2006

Well, we had probably the best week we have ever had last week. It at least made up for the week before.

Last week, I had done one session, a massage. It was the first session I had done in 10 days. My partner also had done only one session. At least she had done more the previous week. 

This week was like turning a corner. At the close on Friday, I had done eight sessions and my partner had done seven, and three of them were my clients. One of those three was someone I had seen only once 18 months ago. The other was a Methodist minister that comes by when he comes into town to visit his daughter. I was on my way out to take my wife to the airport, so he saw my partner rather than come back. The third was a therapist from down the street. He was in need and wanted a massage from someone. Since I was booked (I like the sound of that), he also saw my partner. 

Saturday, we were in here for a photo shoot so we will have some pictures in an ad we’ll be running in November. After that, I got a call and did another session. So that made nine for me and seven for my partner. That’s 16 for the week and a new record. 

I hope this is a turning point and it keeps going up.