August 16, 2006

What a difference a week makes. Business has changed.

Business has been slow for a long time. At one point it had been 10 days between sessions for me. My partner did one session last week and five the week before. Classes have been keeping the business going, but my partner needs to earn some money for being here. I can’t just worry about getting enough money for the rent anymore. I have to hope my partner gets enough work to give her some income. 

This week however, things suddenly turned. I had a regular show up Monday morning. That afternoon, I worked on a lady that wanted just a Swedish massage for relaxation. Swedish? You know how long it has been since I did a straight Swedish massage? A while.

I slowed down all the movements and added back in things I had taken out. By the time I was done, she said she felt like a wet noodle. She loved it. The next day, someone came in that she had referred. While he wanted more than relaxation (he actually wanted a lot of deep work), I did my standard combination massage. He loved that just as much. In fact, he made another appointment. 

Today, I had another client. 

While all this was going on, my partner has worked on five people since Saturday. So between us, we have done 10 sessions. Cool. Now if the schedule holds out, and we get in some more people, this could be a good week.