April 29, 2006

Today, I got another big sale for a short session. This is cool.

I was in the shop with my accountant today. She was trying to unscrew a few things I had done. J While she was there, I got a phone call from a woman asking about Reiki. When I had explained to her what it was, she asked if she could come in for a session. 

So, shortly after the accountant left, she arrived. She was in a lot of pain. She didn’t stand straight due a car accident many years before, and she had a lot of other things going on with her. 

I worked on her for a good hour. The energy flow was tremendous. Somewhere during all that, she had a short nap. 

When I was done, she sat up and looked at me. She told me she felt so much more centered than she did when she came in. I asked her how the pain was, and she said it was almost gone. She was totally amazed. 

We talked about Reiki and massage and other things that could help her. She decided to buy a package of three massage sessions. So a single session brought in $205. That is neat.

So in two days, I have brought in almost enough to pay the rent that will be due June 1st. Of course, I have other bills, but I’m not really worried about making the rent this coming month (for once).