September 13, 2003

For a while now, I have been finding it hard to calm. This has to do with the stress from my job as we enter the football season (I work for a football team). But, I found it very strange that there is one place that I can feel very calm, and pull calming down through me. This is when I exercise.

The method I have been using to calm for a little while now, is to center, then pull a calming blue around me and through me. Lately, the only place this has been possible is when I'm exercising. As I start to work out harder, I tend to build a little more stress as my muscles tense to match the increased activity. It is at that point, that I center and fill with blue. At that moment, I have no concerns, no problems. Any physical problems are taken in stride with no worry.

I know that some major athletes have said that they feel calmest when they are exercising. I guess there truly is a mind body connection at this level. At any rate, I just find it neat.