September 2, 2003

I had a reading tonight as I was starting to accumulate questions based on my last reading and some things that have been happening. Readings are always interesting, and they come up with the most fun things.

One of the first things Kellie Jo asked me was why was I not working for myself. According to her, I'm supposed to be doing my own thing now, not working for someone else. She told me this before. She said that to help this, that there was an eight to ten week window that I might be able to find a room to rent so I would have someplace that clients could come to. I am currently losing people because it is all outcalls (this I know). She said later, I'll be able to have my own place and two to three people either working for me or renting from me.

She told me that I am being divinely guided. (I knew this too.) She said that I am in building mode. I should trust my higher self, and use imagery on myself more.

Kellie Jo told me that I would be moving in a year. Hmmm, the in-laws are moving down from Ohio and will be staying five minutes away. Does that mean that we will need to move further away? I sure hadn't planned on moving soon, much less only 25 - 30 miles away. She says it will be a better house.

I was also told that I will be channeling a book. Unfortunately, it will not be one where I close my eyes, then wake up and find a chapter written. The information will come to me, and it will seem like my idea. So I will be doing all the scutwork involved with bringing it to publication. Ooook.

Listening to her, I feel like I am about ready to break loose. This could be very cool.