October 25, 2003

I was given an interesting tidbit of information today. I love the way the universe has its own way of validating things.

Two weeks ago, my neighbor invited some friends in to be part of a skin care presentation. Another friend was putting it on along with a couple other people. She had asked me if I wanted to be a part of it figuring I could make some contacts, an enhance the gathering.

Unfortunately, of all the folks invited, only one showed up. So, he got his hand massage (washing actually), his skin evaluation, and his 10-minute chair massage.

When I scanned him, I was drawn to his right shoulder as a problem. He kept telling me it wasn't, but, I just kept getting pulled there. It wasn't until today that I found out why.

In talking with my neighbor, she told me that he has a tattoo there, on his shoulder (where I had been drawn). In fact, she told me that he had come to her the next day to talk about it. He didn't give her any information about the tattoo, but told her that any gifted people that have scanned him in the past had been drawn there. He told her that if they find that spot, he knows they're the real thing. Well, cool. Of course, I never had any doubt.