October 10, 2003

Well, we've talked about pulling in energy from various location to do various things. Usually , this is for shielding or some other energy work. But, why not just do it for strength, like to make yourself stronger for a moment?

We usually equate pulling in energy with some type of ethereal need. Either we need solid shields, or we store energy so we can AP. We can even store energy in a battery inside ourselves to make ourselves wake up, or not be so tired. But in times of need when what we need is strength, we can channel external energy to that as well.

I was at a club meeting many years ago in Maryland. It was in the basement of the house of one of the members. One of the group got around on a wheelchair and had been carried down these steps to get to the meeting. At the end, he asked if John (another member) and I could carry him up.

I looked at him, and I looked at the narrow steps, and I couldn't figure an easy way for two people to get him up. One would have had to be at the top and one at the bottom. The one at the top would have had the full weight on him. So, figuring that it really didn't matter, I picked him up and started up the steps.

He couldn't have weight much more than 130 pounds, or so it seemed, but that is still a lot. I got up to the landing and went out the door there while someone rounded up his chair.

I knew at that point that I had extended myself a little too much. So, I did something different. I settled a little, and then sunk roots into the ground. Through those roots, I pulled in energy. I sent that energy to my muscles and made them stronger. My charge seemed to think I was slipping, but I was actually quite comfy and relaxed, and could have stayed there like that for a time. I was not feeling weak, and I could have continued to hold him.

Neat thought huh? Try it next time you're at the gym. You need to be focused and relaxed. Go for it.