November 12, 2003

A friend had gotten a request for help from someone she knows. This person claimed to be blocked and was looking for someone who could help her. She told my friend that she understood Reiki, and needed something more than a Reiki master. I think she got what she was looking for.

This person who needed help was stuck between two very negative forces. She felt she had energy blocked and could no longer meditate to ease the stress.

After hearing about the problems I started with an energy cleansing. After that I did a major chakra balancing as several of her chakras were way out of alignment. I followed with a full Reiki session. While I was dong that, I had a vision of a Myofascial move that had been taught in massage school. (Or it was that it was similar to one taught in school. Basically I went with what the vision showed. Even if it as not the correct move for Myofascial massage, the vision showed what was needed.) I asked for permission to do the move as one of the places to touch was a little personal. I did what I should have done, which was wait for the energies to change, and then moved on to the next thing.

Seeing as she needed calming (actually more so than she already was), I took her through a sanctuary meditation. Next I helped her set up keywords. (Keywords are something that works like a hypnotic suggestion. They are put in during deep meditation. Someone who sets these will be able to use them to calm themselves in times of stress or anger, or basically change their moods based on their needs. Keywords only work for you. They will not work for anyone else to take control of you.)

I helped her set keywords for calming, putting up shields, and calming from anger. Basically, I helped her set up tools to help her cope with her situations.

When she left, she was doing really well. I can only hope that she manages to stay that way.