November 5, 2003

When my wife was in Boston, Massachusetts on business, she took a day trip to Salem. She brought back two t-shirts for me. I've found that one of them has been very appropriate. It says 'Out of Body - Back in 5 Minutes'. For two days now, I have felt like I am not all here, out of body. I'm just starting to wonder when I'll be back.

Now, I know that we astral project when we sleep. Sometimes we don't get completely in when we wake up. This gives us the feeling of 'not being all here'. When this happens we tend to feel a bit spacey and disconnected. When we go to sleep that night, usually we get back in and feel together the next day.

For the past two days, I've felt like I haven't been around at all. If I turn my head, it seems like my head turns, but it takes a second for my brain to turn and catch up to it. This has made it a bit difficult doing some things, like driving. I didn't seem to have any problem doing a massage or energy work on the one client I had yesterday. But it is really annoying. I feel like I am dizzy now and then.

Well, as things work out, Acaysha called to talk about some things, and while I had her on the phone, I asked her angels what was going on. She was told that I am going through a rebirth cycle. Ooook. Nice. A warning would have been nice. (The problem with these angels of hers is that they will answer questions after the fact, but to let one know what to expect ahead of time seems to be beyond their abilities, or desires.)

I'm told I should be better tomorrow, and completely back to normal(?) by the weekend. (Or as normal as I get.) I hope so. I'm driving my in-laws from Ohio to Florida then. Would be nice to have my wits about me on a 900 mile trip.

Rebirth huh?  Well, I guess that is the next step on this path of mine. I guess we'll what I'm being born into. Somehow, I keep seeing Dr. Frankenstein standing over his monster shouting "It's alive! It's alive!"