May 24, 2003

Reiki Conference - Day 2

The conference started today with an acupuncturist. (One thing neat was that I done a short massage on her before she started talking.) Dianne introduced us to the ‘Five Elements Acupuncture’. I had initially thought that the five elements were the same as what Polarity uses (earth, air, fire, water, and ether), but as she started talking, I remembered about the five elements from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) that we learned in massage school, (fire, wood, earth, metal, water). In fact, as part of my studying for my boards, I actually learned to draw the meridian clock.

Acupuncture (as well as acupressure) works on meridians. Meridians are energy channels throughout the body. Almost all are associated with a particular organ (spleen, heart, liver, etc. ) yet are not necessarily near that organ, and all have numerous points on them that can be used to stimulate the energy. An example of this could be the spleen meridian where points to stimulate could be in the feet, legs, the back, as well as other places. There are literally hundreds of points in the body that are charted. These points range from the top of the head including eyelids to the feet, and everywhere in between on the front and back (including some very private and uncomfortable places).

Acupuncture stimulates the flow of Chi along the meridians. Chi (like Ki, in Reiki) is life force energy. (Ki and Chi are synonymous. In the martial arts you see them as Tai Chi or Aikido. In energy healing, you see it in Reiki.) Going back to the clock I was talking about, Chi passes through each meridian twice a day for two hours each time. One time it passes in the Yin and the next as the Yang. (I’ll have to put in an entry on the clock with a picture in a future post.)

With acupuncture, hair fine needles are inserted into the points on the meridians to stimulate Chi. (Note, this can be done at any time during the day. It is not dependent on Chi passing through that meridian at the time. If it was, we’d be setting very strange office hours for acupuncturists.) The points to use are determined by the practitioner based on what problems the client has. Acupressure is the same thing, but done by pressing each point instead of putting in needles. It is not however, as effective.

Based on the talk by Dianne, and the later one by Juanita, we could see a big difference between Five-Element acupuncture and TCM acupuncture. In TCM acupuncture, they claim that the needles don’t hurt, you don’t feel them. However, when they put in the needles, and they hit a point where Chi is released, then there is a reaction. (In one session I had a few years ago, I was hoping to help a bad back. The acupuncturist put a three inch needle in the side of my butt. When it released the Chi, it literally bounced. )  In TCM, they put in a lot of needles, and many of them may not be perfectly right on the mark. In Five-Element, they use fewer needles, but they all hit the mark and release Chi. There is a reaction with each one they put in. According to Dianne, Five-element is much more effective. This style originated in China, but was hidden when the other style came into wide use. It is now having a resurgence.

One thing I found interesting was the final exam for practitioners (at least in olden China). They had a hollow statue with all of the points on all of the meridians marked by a tiny hole. They would cover the outside of the statue with wax, and then fill it with water. Each student (who had been apprenticing for as many as 15 years) would be told what point to needle on the statue. If they did not get water coming out with the first poke of the needle, they failed. Wow.

I was the first speaker after lunch. I was to fill three hours talking about energy. My class title was ‘Working with Energy or Use the Force, Luke 101’. I even brought my hat that said ‘Jedi’ on it.

Acaysha introduced me, telling how we had met at the conference last year, and became friends. She told the group that she considers me a healer’s healer. I guess it is because I work as much on healers as I do non-healers.

I started talking about my background and then about energy in general. I showed them how to see the energy field around each person, and then to feel it. Once this had been done, I was ready to spring my trap.

I started with Becky, and blindfolded her. Then I arranged people in the room and told her to walk through the room without hitting anyone. She touched a couple of people, but for the most part, she got through ok. One thing she learned (as well as the others that followed) was to go with their first instinct and not doubt themselves. When they thought they felt something, they needed to believe rather than doubt.

Everyone that did this got through with little or no problems. When I chose Dee to be the blindfolded person, I cleared everyone from the middle of the room. There was literally no one in her path. About halfway through the room, I put up a wall. When Dee got to that, she stopped. She moved left, then right. finally, she pushed through it. The key was that she found the energy barrier. I think this surprised everyone. Of course, she hit me when I took off the blindfold and showed her what she had come through.

I taught basic energy and the reasons for it. I talked about ascension theory, astral projection, locating blocked chakras, and other things. There reached a point that I had changed to demonstration mode rather than participation. I noticed that I was starting to lose a few of them. As my time was running out, I decided that I needed a class participation thing to finish up with, so I showed a healing chain. This was neat. We had 16 very powerful people there as part of the chain. I had never been in a chain with this many people.

I think they found the talk interesting and somewhat enlightening. Dee told me that she wished I could have gone on longer. She said that I explain things in a clear concise manner and make it all understandable. I’m glad it was liked.

Next Juanita, an acupuncturist told us about TCM acupuncture and tachyon energy. Tachyon energy can be put into plastic items and such as well as crystals. She had a cloth runner about eight feet long and about five inches wide that she set on the massage table. Inside the runner were items charged with tachyon energy. As her subject got on, she put a disc in each hand that sent tachyon energy in, and one on each foot that send energy out. She had set up a circuit. Then, she brought the end of the runner up between the subject’s legs, up to the heard and velcroed it together making a complete loop. What she had made was a tachyon cocoon. Each person that was in it said they felt very relaxed. Then while the person was ‘wrapped’, she did acupuncture. It was quite interesting.

The final person to talk was Acaysha. Dee asked me to introduce Acaysha as she had asked her to introduce me (although I think she had more notice). I talked a moment about the miraculous journey that she had come through and how I was amazed at how she was still kicking.

Acaysha told a little of her background, of how she had had epilepsy for 20 years until undergoing a new type of surgery at the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, AZ. The drawback was that she had forgotten most everything that happened before it. She was taken back to the mind of a two year old. Her incredible journey from that point on is documented in her book.

She then talked about her angels, or as I call them, her pesky little helpers that make her do things she should do. Some time after her operation, she saw seven beams of light come through the window. After freaking out, she was able to talk with them, and learned that they were here to help her. In fact, they are always with her, prodding her to be where she needs to be, and making her stay where she needs to. A good example is yesterday, when she couldn’t leave her house when she wanted.

She had been set to leave when she started feeling bad. A migraine sufferer, she knew not to go on the road if there was a headache coming on. She called me on the phone and asked help. I took out her headache and settled her stomach to the point that she was ready to leave. As she got to the door, the headache came back. Her angels were causing this to keep her there. After a few hours, the phone rang, and it was a friend that was looking at killing herself. Acaysha spent two hours on the phone listening, and helping her. Finally, her friend was all right. She was not suicidal. As soon as they hung up, Acaysha’s headache disappeared. The angels had needed to keep her there to answer that phone call. After she effectively saved someone’s life, she was free to go to the conference. Wow.

She told us more stories of things her angels have done over the years. Then she told us about her book which has been out in print for several months now (and is climbing the charts). When she ended, she sold and signed books for those wanting them.

And so, the second day of the conference ended, but not my day.

Yesterday I met a person who was a Reiki 2 practitioner, and was there to learn what she could. In talking with her, she mentioned that her second chakra was blocked. I told her that I could unblock it, but then she told me that she had multiple surgeries there. Yes, I could remove the block, but it would probably come back without someone doing scar release on her.

Scar release is something usually taught in myofascial massage (which is almost all energy work). When someone cuts into us during an operation, the incision can go deep. On an energy level, the body remembers the trauma that the cut did. This can cause many problems over coming years. A scar I have may be part of the cause of the back problem I have. Last year, someone who had been trained in this did scar release on me. What this does is release the energies that have built up in the area since the surgery.

I told my new friend that she needed to find someone that could do that for her. Then I thought for a second, and asked ‘can I do this?’ The answer came back ‘yes’. So, after the day ended, we went back to the hotel, and I did scar release and a full massage. It took about 45 minutes working on her scars. She had five of them, two of which had been from drains from the operations. Just like myofascial, I felt that I needed to be hands directly on the scars, skin to skin. I took one at a time until they intuitively felt ‘right’.

When I was done, she told me that she definitely felt different, better. That was what I was hoping to hear. Now to see if that holds.

All in all, an interesting end to an interesting day.