May 23, 2003

Reiki Conference - Day 1

This was a fun day. After dealing with what appeared to be bad computer karma yesterday, today started out a little smoother, although later than I had wanted. I was running late, and then I started collating what I had copied off late last night. When I got to the conference it was about two hours later than I had wanted to and after a two hour drive.

Everyone was supposed to start arriving around noon with the conference beginning at three. I got there at about 2:30 and found that they were going on intuition and started earlier. I got there as they were talking in a circle. I was pleased to see that my student, John, was there. Unfortunately, I had hoped more from this area had gone. I sat down in the circle, and they offered me a paper plate and some M&Ms. I declined and they started what they were doing. The first person counted how many candies they had on their plate and then gave that many positive adjectives about themselves. When they came to me I told them that if I understood the object, I was easy. Then they went to the next person. Cool game.

We all talked for a while, then broke up the circle for a bit. When that happened, I went out and brought in my massage table. I set it up then went up to Dee and pronounced her ‘victim’. As the afternoon went on, I worked on another five or six ‘victims’. With all the calming energies there, I was dead on with my sight scanning. One person told me he had a specific spot on his back that was giving him a problem. I declined his offer to tell me where it was and scanned him. I was immediately drawn to one spot, and then found other places. He told me that the first place I touched was it.

After a while, Tish showed up to do her presentation. Tish is a graduate of the Barbara Ann Brennen school. If you’re not familiar with the name, look for the book ‘Hands of Light’. Tish took us through a lot of movements to music. Along with these movements, there were visualizations of moving through layers of aura and connecting the frequencies of the charkas at the various levels.

It was somewhat difficult at first, but I finally made the visualizations become what they needed to be. The hard part was remaining attached to the ground. The energies we had been dealing with were earth energies. After a while, we were all free dancing, playing with the energies at whatever levels we wanted. Next, we were grabbing hands and dancing around the room. I haven’t felt this serene in a very long time. It was tremendous fun. (And I don’t know how to dance.)

Afterwards, I went looking for dinner and a hotel room as my roommate had not arrived yet, and she was not reachable. I was offered a bed by Kelly, and really appreciated the offer, but there were more rooms at the hotel Acaysha had reserved for us. She and Robert and I headed for dinner, and after finding the place we headed to closed, they followed me to the hotel where I found that my name had been added to Acaysha’a so I could get into the room. I checked in with Robert and Kelly helping me. Then we went to dinner and had a nice talk.

Acaysha then got in around 12:30. Her angels kept her from leaving until after 9:00pm. Now, I’m sure you’re sitting there saying ‘WHAT??’. I’ll give more explanation on this in tomorrow’s report.

One neat thing that they had at the conference was a table full of rocks and crystals, all at very low prices. I had too much time, and there were too many of them. I ended up coming home with several. They had several I had never seen before including apophyllite which vibrates at the same frequency as Reiki.

There was also a closet labeled ‘Meditation Room’ where very large rocks were placed. Those were available for sale, and to enhance the energies for meditation. I decided not to try meditation in there. Had I been able to do it, I might have gone so far out I might not have come back.

All these were supplied by Becky’s company, Rocks and Glass. You can e-mail her here.