March 22, 2003

I taught Reiki 2 today to one person with the aid of another. Even though the class was small, it was good, and it was fun.

John felt he was ready to take Reiki 2. I had been trying to set up a class for over a month, but there were a lot of things going on that kept mixing up my schedule. At any rate, James came over to help. It's always fun as James puts out wonderful energy.

John took to Reiki 2 like it was second nature. He did the group healing fine, and all the distant healing. And the neat part was that I didn't need to demonstrate astral projection like I normally do. John had taken my AP class a couple months ago, and was sitting there thinking on the possibilities of combining Reiki with it as I was talking about it.

After getting the attunement, John felt he was ready to come to the Reiki share that I have scheduled for next weekend.