June 21, 2003

I gave my first Reiki 1 class today where CEUs were involved. I had four students (there were supposed to be six). Two are massage therapists, and (obviously) two were not. Of the therapists, one is Melanie, the person I go to (and we are dealing with partial barter), and the other was from Orlando.

Teaching a CEU class is practically the same as teaching a non-CEU class. One thing I can do is relate to massage therapists with specific things that they might be looking for. The biggest change is that the certificates have to be different to reflect the class number, CEU hours, and more student information.

All in all, the class went very well. Everyone there was doing Reiki, and I think they got the feel of it quite well. The class ran a little long, but I tell people that I will answer all questions, and will not cut a class short to fit a time frame.

The period for massage therapists to fill their CEU requirement is up at the end of August. I feel that I am pushing a bit to get the two LMTs through all three classes by then. This is why I am not advertising until after this period's deadline. I still feel there should be more time between levels and am not going to rush classes together just so someone can gather hours. I would rather see them learn Reiki, and use it, rather than put it aside once they have the hours they need.

This is a good start though. The LMT from Orlando told me that she appreciated the way I taught the class. She was glad it was clear, and explained fully rather than putting a lot into mysticism. I appreciate comments like that. I try to be as clear as I can be, and try not to hide things from the student. I always want to be open and honest with students (and people in general). It's nice to hear things like this.

After class was over, I packed up my massage stuff and went out to visit a friend that was in town. She had contracted me to do massage on her friend that was here and herself. Her friend was just raving about how it felt. He was ready for bed right afterwards.

I worked on my friend who resembled a tight coil of steel. I can't say that I got it all out, but a lot of her stiffness and tension went away.

It was long day, but very rewarding.