July 27, 2003

Today, I was supposed to be picking up my recordings from yesterday, and returning home from Port St. Lucie. Since however John told me he had been asked to fill in for a performance yesterday evening, and wouldn't be able to finish the CDs, I came back last night so I could attend a funeral (well, ceremony actually).

One of my students, John, lost his son, Matthew, near the end of last week. I wasn't sure if I was going to be back on time, but instead of staying and visiting with Acaysha, I decided to come home last night (even though I had to pay for that night on the hotel room) so I could be there to support him.

Before arriving, I did my shielding routines and such. I was pretty well locked down, emotion-wise. Unlike previous times at funerals, I was unaffected by the emotions around me. This allowed me to see and do a few things.

I noticed a lot of spirits in the room. This is something that I usually don't notice unless I'm in meditation or some such. (Well, I was told the other night that I would start seeing dead people.) At any rate, I was very aware of the spirits there. I kept getting pictures of me passing energy around, so I opened up to the energies of the spirits and let it flow through me to the room.

After a while, the ceremony started, I was looking ahead when something caught my eye at the front of the room. I know that spirits can generally be seen out of the peripheral vision, but not when you look right at them. For some reason, I knew it was Matthew. I don't know why I knew, I just knew.

I noticed that Matthew's attention seemed to be focused on his parents. Near the end of the service, I reached out and touched him. What I got was that he loved his parents deeply. He was watching over them because he was concerned about them going through this change ion their lives.

I e-mailed this information to John. I hope that when he sees it, it will be when he's ready for it. I'm not sure he expects me to be open enough to see these things. (Actually I'm surprised I was open enough to see these things.)

We come here on this plane of existence to learn, to experience. The lessons are planned ahead of time. The events we must go through in each life eventually fills the 'lesson plan' our soul needs. In some cases, the lessons are learned quickly. In others, it takes many years. Sometimes we don't learn the lessons, and have to come back until we get it right.

When one comes and goes in so short a manner, it is because they got what they needed. It is for those of us left to fill in the empty spaces left by their passing. We have to know there were reasons. And we have to remember them and the impact their presence made on our lives. That is part of the lesson we need to learn in our time here.