July 26, 2003

I had my first real recording session today, and then met someone from where I live that was taking a class from Acaysha. It was very interesting.

I met John at his home and he showed me his (partially under reconstruction) garage studio. It was a small place, but very neat. The sound proofing was wonderful.

John set up a very sensitive microphone a couple feet away, and gave me a place to stand. Obviously, this was much better than dictating into my computer. The mic was far enough away so that it didn't pick up my popping my P's and such.

It took a while to get into the flow, but once I did, we kept moving fairly well. After we had finished the first meditation (about an hour after I got there), John played back some of what I had read. It sounded real good. Of course he had very good equipment there (John plays in a rock band). It sounded very full, which is a sound I can't get off my computer. This is one of the reasons I add echo to my voice tracks, to soften it up and fill it out. I may not need to do this, or I may use just a little. I'll know that when I get the (next to) finished product.

I was at John's for about four hours. He had gotten a call to play that night and wouldn't be able to work on my stuff tonight as he said he would. He has a lot of editing to do. We realized that each meditation has a piece that is the same. This is the part where I take the subject down into the meditative state. So, we decided that he could 'cut and paste' this part into each meditation rather than reading it each time. This saved a considerable amount of time.

I did five meditations, each with an introduction, and one meditation twice with some changes. I had been putting the 'Using Key Words' meditation on the CD with each of the longer meditations and calling it a 'bonus track'. This meditation is to have the subject create a single key word to use at later times. To set another keyword, the subject has to do the meditation again. The second version allows setting up to three key words. This will allow me to sell it as a separate meditation rather than bundle it because it is short.

John will also be composing and getting someone to record the music which he will send me on a separate track. I played him Tony O'Connor's 'Mariner', and Katya's 'Tenderness' sample that is on my website. John said he felt that he knew exactly what I was looking for. I hope so. I have had more than enough trouble with finding music. But, maybe it is starting to all fall together now.

After I left John's, I stopped at Acaysha's and met Chiche, her Reiki 2 student. Chiche is a writer, and had met Acaysha through a writer's group function. When I showed up at the door, they were all exclaiming about Chiche's dragon, and here it was. I wasn't sure what I may have been 'dragon around', but I was wearing a dragon t-shirt. Apparently, during the class, Chiche had a vision of a dragon, and they were going crazy trying to figure out what it meant.

Acaysha had attuned Chiche, and then had Karen (her helper and another Reiki master) attuned her. Then she asked me to. I brushed off her aura, and cleaned out her charkas. I then pointed with my finger and started to align her charkas when she went 'whoa'. Acaysha commented 'yeah, he's a powerhouse'. Chiche is very sensitive. I finished (and this was the third style of attunement she had seen) and then she told us what she saw.

When one comes and goes in so short a manner, it is because they got what they needed. It is for those of us left to fill in the empty spaces left by their passing. We have to know there were reasons. And we have to remember them and the impact their presence made on our lives. That is part of the lesson we need to learn in our time here.