July 25, 2003

I drove down to Port St. Lucie tonight (or as Acaysha calls it, Port St. Lousy) to spend some time in a recording studio. This is to record my voice tracks for my meditation CDs. As I got there tonight, I stopped at Acaysha's to visit for a bit, and while there had a reading from her friend Kathie Jo.

For some reason, I felt extremely peaceful while at Acaysha's. I wasn't sure why, other than there were just nice energies there. She told me that some friends of hers were looking for vortexes around that area when they stopped in for a visit. What they found surprised them. They found a vortex in the lake right behind the back yard. This vortex is an anchor point for the Bermuda Triangle. Hmmm. Once she told me that, I located it immediately. I am surprised though. I should have been able to feel it and know it as vortex energy. I must have been too tired form the four hour drive coming off a full day of work.

At any rate, I found Kathie Jo to be a very nice person, and my reading was interesting. Keep in mind, I'm as skeptical as the next person when it comes to getting a reading. The key in all things is to not give away too much, to let the reader actually read the energies that are there. (I used to see some people come to Kay that would tell you their life's story to the point that I could read them.)

According to Kathie Jo...

  • I need to apply myself and focus by doing goal setting. I'm a good bodyworker and healer and massage therapist, and person. I need to be careful of my body mechanics (which I thought I was being good at). (I am always concerned with this as I catch myself out of place now and then. I need to be better or I will wear out all too quickly.) I need my own place to work out of. (This is obvious based on the number of calls I get asking where I'm located and not wanting someone to come out. At the same time, it needs to be affordable. The business is just barely taking care of itself at the moment. The last check of my profitability showed that the business was in the hole $21. This trip is going to make that hole a bit deeper.)

  • Kathie Jo asked me what legal issue I was involved in. Upon seeing this blank look that I gave her, she said that she saw a bunch of legal papers around me. I started to cringe and she said that they were good. 'If they're not happening now, they will be. They're contracts and such." Heaven forbid I should think to ask her why these papers were around me, or for what.

  • It seems that I will one day have my own center with two people working for me, or renting rooms from me. I should be in my own business. I need to spend time doing what I like to do. I need to switch over and do what I want to do, and the money will come. (I have heard this before but still don't have enough faith in it to walk away from my day job.)

  • I am successful, even though I don't have a huge income to show it. I've gotten everything I've really wanted.

  • My wife, Shirley is my soul mate. (I knew that. ) She loves me and adores me as I do her. We have a wonderful marriage, but need a vacation. (Duh.) I'm stressed too much of the time. (This has been true up until a couple months ago.) At some point, we'll be moving to the mountains, possibly North Carolina. (Hmmm, and how many times have I heard this before... too many.) We'll be going there as it will be a safe place during the earth changes. (Here are the earth changes that I have let slip my mind again. Something is bringing them up for a reason.)

  • I am cutting loose of my past, and am currently in one of the most synchronistic periods of my life. I need to pay attention to what is going on around me, especially those events that happen in some sort of synch with other things.

  • I'm a worrier. I worry about things, about everything. Think, think, plan, plan. (This is what computer programmers do.) I'm a people pleaser. (Hmmm. I didn't know that.) I'm in a major transformation physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Things have been changing for about 15 years (even though I have been aware of them for about 10). I need to be more at peace and trust the universe. This will become a rebirth of sorts. I will start to have fun. (Cool.) I'm coping with things better than ever. (This is true too.)

  • I get a lot of information from the universe when I work on people. (This I have said before.) I don't know all that I am supposed to do with this, but I should trust it.

  • I get my information by seeing and feeling. I will start seeing things. I will be able to look at a body and know what's wrong (something I have been doing some of). I'll start seeing dead people (where's Bruce Willis when I need him?), mostly ancestors and so forth. I'll start having prophetic (or was it pathetic) visions in my dreams. Dreams are where the spirits can work with me as it is the only time my mind is quiet enough to work with. I'll be doing a lot of sleep-learning or sleep-working.

This was definitely very interesting. I figure Kay had an edge as she knew me. This person did not, but I'm not totally sold either. Acaysha could have told her that I'm a good bodyworker and energy worker. There are several things that she could have picked up on. Yet, giving her the benefit of the doubt, she was pretty much right on.

And I find it funny, that just like everyone else, I went blank when she asked for questions. An hour later I could think of plenty. What are the legal papers for? (We are having a problem with the city trying to take some of our land. There could be legal papers about that. At the same time, it could be that I finally wrote this book I've wanted to but not had the push to do.) Will I be working for Acaysha at one of the centers she will build? (Acaysha will be opening a first center in Arizona according to her angels and others. In her top five places are North Carolina, Seattle, and Florida. If I'm going to be in North Carolina, then it could be at this center. Supposedly, special, gifted people will be using these centers as a haven while the earth changes are happening. My initial forward life regression that showed me as a village healer during these times showed wood or grass houses, somewhat primitive instead of modern places. Of course, that could have been my tainting it as that was how I though it would be. Or maybe that was what I needed to see at the time to prepare me for what really is.) Again, there are lots of questions and lots of possible answers. I guess I may have to call her again one day soon.