July 19, 2003

I taught a Reiki 2 class today to two students. I was supposed to have five, but it got paired down again. One concern was that one of the ones that didn't make it was someone who needed this and the next class for CEUs. Since any attempt to contact her has not been successful, I will have to let it pass, and know that she is taking care of her own needs.

Melanie and Colette went through the class with surprising ease. Melanie didn't seem to be able to feel the energies as much as she thought in Reiki 1, but she was feeling it and channeling it quite strongly. There wasn't anything much that happened special except during my demonstration of astral projection (AP).

When I teach Reiki 2, one of the subjects is distant Reiki. When we do distant Reiki, we send Reiki, that's all we can do. We can't point it at specific charkas, or do any of the prep work that we do when we have someone that we can put our hands on. One solution to this is AP which puts the practitioner 'there' where they can use their astral hands to do everything that they can do in the 'physical here'.

For demonstration, I set a stool across the room, and project to it. I have one of the students hold up one hand with some fingers extended. The idea is that while the view of the hand is blocked from the physical body, the astral one can go out and 'see' what is there. (This is how a friend and I used to practice. It is a great exercise.) This is not reading someone's thoughts or getting impressions, it is actually seeing what is there. But, since it is from a mostly conscious mind, seeing is not easy.

I floated over to the stool and asked whoever was there to hold up some fingers. I missed the first one, but got the next three right. I decided to try it one more time. For some reason, I couldn't get a clear enough vision of what was there. Actually I got a clear vision, but I saw two and I saw five. Even when I looked again, I still got the same thing. I told this to Colette who was at the stool, and she started laughing. When asked what was so funny, she told me that she had been holding up two fingers next to her for me to see. But, while she was doing that, she was reaching out with her other hand trying to feel my energy there. She was reaching out with her hand with it opened up, with all the fingers (all five) extended. So, I was actually seeing both hands, but one would pass in front of my astral 'face' and then move away, and then move back.

Never had one like that before. Very interesting indeed.

While in class, I got a call to go do a massage that evening. The massage was on a dentist at his office. He had a small room near the back, but I was concerned that it was big enough. He had another area that had a large opening, and the three dental chairs. He really didn't want to be there, but he decided that he'd have his eyes closed. You see, this area was the source of his stress. Hmm, imagine a dentist that didn't like being in the dentist's office. Makes me not feel too bad after all.