January 30, 2003

I talked with Carolyn the other night about things that were going on. For whatever reason, she started talking about how she liked my journal. Some her comments I thought were just nice, but there was one that surprised me.

Carolyn said that she liked the idea of journaling my 'adventures' (for lack of a better term). She felt that to see one's stages as they progress through parts of their life to be interesting and educating. (I personally find it interesting to look and see my growth over the past couple of years. )  Carolyn told me that I write in a down-to-earth style that she found easy to read. (This is something I try to do. There's nothing so great here that it needs language to dress it up.)

Then she said that she liked the way I described how things happen, and how I do things, how I demystify it all. She told me that I make it plain and clear, especially where I show what I go through to do each thing I do. She said that all too often, people think of psychic abilities as what is shown by the television show 'The Dead Zone', where we touch something and suddenly we are witnessing a scene and what happened there. My response was "don't we?"

Well, no. For the most part, 'The Dead Zone' is an interesting and entertaining piece of fiction. But, things just don't usually happen that way. I don't see things that happened or are going to happen. I get feelings. Learning to trust them is the hard part. Quite often, we would be wrong, rather than right.

Most psychics from Kaimora to John Edward get impressions. In John Edward's case, he is many times shown images from his past as his mind is like an open filing cabinet that he makes available for the spirits to look through to help them communicate with him. When Kay does readings, she gets impressions, or visions of energies. She has learned over many years how to interpret them, and hopefully do it correctly. Also keep in mind that these energies change over time. Someone could see this happening, tell you, and you do something else so the prediction would not come true. You have then changed the energies. As Yoda says "the future, always emotion, always changing."

The other hard part of this is the interpretation. Like I said, all psychics (Kay and John included) make reasonable interpretations of what they see. They will see a symbol, and based on other symbols that they have been getting, make an intelligent guess at the meaning. Sometimes they guess wrong. They may go down the wrong path based on what they thought a certain symbol meant. It is not easy.

The interesting part is that everyone has these abilities. Some use them (knowingly or not ::intuition::), some don't. Most people can be trained to open their abilities, at least to some extent. I’m certainly not saying that you’ll be doing psychic readings in a week, if ever. But intuition will improve. It’s like, anyone can learn Reiki. And using Reiki energy starts opening up things so that other senses increase.

But back to that ‘Dead Zone’ thing. I told Carolyn, that when I see things that I am supposed to do, it is very similar to the way it happens on the program. I actually see a picture of me doing something, and I’m not talking about a still picture. Now, I don't hear words, and the figures don't talk to me. It is usually like I am watching it from my eyes, or from somewhere on the ceiling. When I do massage, I will have my eyes closed, and be open to any suggestions. When someone has one, I will see a picture of me doing a move, and that move is usually the exact right thing that needs to be done. I could be there wondering how best to work a certain area, and an image will be there. I like it when my guides are helpful.

But, in most of the cases, it is not like TV. I’m glad that my readers see what takes place, and how things come about, and understand it’s not the booming voice and the ground shaking. (At least not yet.)

May your own intuition increase as you follow along your path. Take care.