January 29, 2003

I did an exchange of massage last night with a licensed therapist. It was fun, and surprising.

I haven’t been worked on in a while, ever since I had to get up the last because my legs kept giving me problems. The person I saw, has been doing massage for a while, and is now getting an introduction into energies. I taught her the basic hand scanning, and the Reiki hand scanning so she could use them to help her in her work. I figured that if she knew where the major problem areas were, then it she would know where to concentrate her time.

She took to it very well. At first, she didn’t trust what she was getting, but as she asked about each place she found, and I told her she was right, she started to trust herself more. All she needs now is practice.

After a long day at work, and not being in the best of moods, I was having trouble calming when it was my turn to give. I finally relaxed to the point that I was open.

My subject was having trouble with her sides. I had worked it one way, then another. I stopped for half a second and wondered how best I could work the area. Suddenly, I had a picture of me working on her.

I told her that I had just been shown what I needed to do. I had her turn on one side, and then was able to from hip to shoulder without any problem. Then I felt inclined to do a stretch pushing against her hip and her shoulder. I did this on both sides, and she seemed to like it. I think it loosened her up a lot.

I have been getting concerned that I haven’t been doing enough massage, and that I haven’t been calm enough to receive input from my guides. I’m glad that they are still talking to me. I need more positive experiences to balance out the all too many negative ones I’m having right now.

I know things will turn around, and that they will work out. I just want it to be sooner than later.

Take care.