January 27, 2003

Yesterday, I got a call from my friend Lisa, in New York. She is trying to set up a healing center in the Albany area, and was looking for land. She has some property picked out, and came to me for a little divining.

She had e-mailed me high level maps, and topographical maps of two different locations. Many months ago, she had done the same thing, and I had placed my fingers over the locations highlighted on the maps and told her where I felt negative energy. At the time, she had only told me a few things about the place as I identified areas. I had no idea whether she took what I said seriously or not. It wasn't until today that she told me some of the details that I had found. It turns out that I told her every spot on that map where there was a dumping ground. Lisa said that this had impressed her immensely (and she doesn't impress easily). Hmmm. I'm just doing what I was taught.

I looked at the two locations, and felt the energies. The first place I looked at, I felt strong energies, but thought that they were unsettled. I actually was 'standing' in the middle of the site. After I told her the energy was unsettled, she said that the last people renting the property were unhappy, and left there unhappy. After talking with her (we were on the phone the whole time I was doing this), I reached out and touched the energies, and tried to manipulate them. I was thrown back by something violent. I tapped into more energy and tried to cleanse the area. I was able to attach without being pushed off, but was not able to change it. One thing I did feel was that the unsettledness I felt was just on the surface. Underneath that, I felt something a lot more negative. I also felt that it went very, very deep in the property.

She told me that she had been looking at this property as a starter especially if she couldn't get the other one. I told her that if she had to go with that one, we could see what we could do to change the energies. I know that Darrell is up in that area, and he has cleared land before. We could also make a class project to see what we could do.

I looked at the second piece of property, and liked it. I couldn't sense any problems there. I went there, and felt the energies, and liked what I felt. As I let the energy in, it felt calming, loving. I looked around the perimeter, and felt that the energies were circular, with the center in the center of the property. Circular?!? As in a vortex??!! That's what it felt like. I know Scott Bebe drew a map of vortexes in the country. I'll have to ask if he found one near Albany. This could be something spectacular. Wow!

I'll have to let you know what I find out. Take care. Love and light.