January 25, 2003

Today I took another step in trying to promote my business. I finished filling out forms and sent them to the Board of Massage along with a check for $250. If these are approved, I'll be able to offer continuing education units to massage therapists who take Reiki from me.

As part of keeping a massage license, every therapist has to have so many hours of education during the license period. These hours are called continuing education units, also known as CEUs. CEUs can only be offered for programs approved by the Board for continuing education. This approval can be local or national. (Actually, I just found out recently that there is such a thing as national approval. My forms were sent off to the Florida Department of Health. Next I will have to look into national approval.)

Because of the controversy between massage therapists and Reiki practitioners over the jurisdiction of Reiki, the Board is not proving classes that are taught by anyone other than licensed massage therapists. I have been wanting to do this for long time, but not having the massage license has kept me from doing that.

I'm hoping the Board finds my information to be in line with what it is looking for so that I can get their approval. Cross your fingers and wish me luck.