January 24, 2003

I got an e-mail from Kellye today telling me how they felt after the Reiki massage the other day. She said that they slept like babies because they were so fully relaxed. It was an enlightening experience.

When I had scanned Cyril, I had seen problems in places that he wasn't aware of. One of the areas was his stomach. The Monday after I worked on them, Cyril had started feeling sick to his stomach, and that lasted for two days. Kellye was thinking that I had found an illness in the gestation stage, a period that he didn't know he had a problem. Although we call Reiki session's healings, Reiki reacts differently with everything that it is used against. In the case of pain, many times it can take away the pain. In the case of certain illnesses, like cold, or stomach flu, it will heal by making the illness have a shorter life span. If you have some virus coming on, Reiki won't necessarily stop it, but make it come on full force and go away quicker. This seems to be what happened Cyril.

At any rate, Kellye said that they were both very impressed with their sessions. Cyril definitely wants to learn more on ways to listen to his own body, since I was able to see so much more than he knew was going on.

Like he said, I was very pleased with how things turned out that day, and am very glad to see that they felt the same way. It is all too often that healers don't get feedback from what they do. It's very nice when they do get feedback, and it's even nicer still when in it is in the form of what Kellye sent me.

Kellye said that she has a friend that may also be interested in bodywork and possibly Reiki. I hope that is the case. Right now, if my business is going to grow, it is going to have to happen by word-of-mouth. She tells two friends, than they tell two friends, then they tell two friends... at least, I hope this is the way it goes.

Here's hoping to continued to growth and positive experiences for all of us.