January 18, 2003

Today marks an historic occasion. I did my first one-hour out call massage. The only downside to this is the fact that I had initially been contacted for Reiki rather than massage, and it just turned into more. My subject had contacted me a while ago to look into Reiki treatment and Reiki training. Over the time that we've talked she decided she needed to a good deal of healing before she could start learning. No when talking over the phone, she asked what she needed. I closed my eyes in looked at her and ran off on entire list of what I felt she needed. I handed up going out and doing to full Reiki sessions, and one massage. At least, that's what I charged them for.

I met Kellye (yes, that is how she spells it) and her husband Cyril and explained to them about what Reiki is and how it works, and what the process is. As Kellye and I had talked previously, I was going to do whatever I felt in was needed to as I was doing work. The first thing I felt was needed was to do a cleansing on the house. I threw a shield over everyone there, and then created my little light bomb, and threw it against the wall letting it explode. As it exploded, it filled the house with a cleansing energy, and got rid of all negativity. I then set off a second bomb just make sure. Then I set off one more, which was basically filled with love and calmness.

We set up the table, and I started work on Cyril. I had scanned him while standing, and found a couple places that he wasn't sure were problem areas. Looking over him, the first thing I was drawn to do was a complete energy cleansing. This is something that I seem to be doing more of lately, yet before the last six months I had done may be a dozen of them. I pulled out of his energy funneling it through myself, breaking off the negative energy and sending it to ground while bringing universal energy to replace it, and putting back.

Next I proceeded to do a full Reiki session. This went in well, and I seemed to hover over certain areas that needed more energy than others, as is always the case. Kellye later asked me what I'd seen at each of these locations, but I don't usually seen things during a Reiki session. I just feel the need to stay in one place longer than another and channel energy until I feel I can move on.

After I finished with the Reiki, I was drawn to do some chakra balancing. This is something that I had never done before, but someone had done it to me at one time. I remember laying on the table and energy pushing at my chakra points, one of the time, until they felt like they were exactly in the proper places. Now, I know that part of my routine involves aligning the chakras, but there is still some difference in balancing as opposed to aligning. When I had been talking with Kellye earlier, she had mentioned being out of balance. I immediately thought of balancing her chakras. Again this is another one of those ' although I have never done it before, I knew I could '. I was drawn to three of Cyril's chakras and just held my hand over each one pushing the energies back and forth until I felt they were in the right places. When this was done, he told me of the feeling he was having while I was working on him. He said he felt like he had been floating and really wasn't feeling his body. Cool!  He'd gotten so much energy, that he was very near a level of astral production.

Next I worked on Kellye. I immediately started off with an energy cleansing, and then went to Reiki. There were several places that I spent more time at than others in that she had certain problems that I already knew about. When I was done with the Reiki, I did a complete chakra balancing. I worked on each of her chakras from top to bottom until I felt that they were balanced and ready to go.

As I had done with one other client, I felt that to help the Reiki, she needed some measure of bodywork to even things up all around. I later selected which oil I would use, the scent she liked the best, and did a full one-hour massage. This was the first massage he had never had, and she was floating pretty high when I finished.

Next, I did something else that I was drawn to do, something I don't do that often either. Before I start a Reiki session, I usually check for block chakras. I do this by sending energy from one hand to the other hand through the chakras, measuring each the energy level at each chakra to see how strong it is. We have energy paths throughout our bodies. They can be blocked just as easily as a chakra can be blocked. I started at one point sending energy through her to my other hand, and just kept widening the distance until I was sending energy the whole length of body. When I couldn't feel the energy at any point, I would stop, and remove the blockage. This is what I did, until I felt that all her energy passages were open.

When she was done, Kellye got off the table and told Cyril that the next time we got together he would get the massage. She thought it was so wonderful that it was his turn next.

I spent more time with them than I normally would have based on the work that I did, but since my business is slow right now, and I didn’t have to rush off anywhere, I stayed until I felt they had gotten what they needed. This is something I prefer to do, and hope that as the business grows it will be something that I can continue to do.

Now, my next objective is to have my first massage out call to be somebody that found me for massage, rather than Reiki. Of course, right now, I'll take the business any way I can get it.

I also realized, that I need more days like today. Today, I was open, and connected with all the energies, and able to do was needed because of that. It is a very, very positive experience. Like I've said many times before, this is why I want to healing.

May your days be filled with the same positive feeling that I've had today.